iOSSearch: Find Apps for your Older iPhone or iPod Touch

Search Apple's iTunes store for compatible apps. This works best on a desktop computer. Some formerly compatible apps may be listed.

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Hooray! As of Sept 17, 2013 you can download previous, compatible versions of apps with the iPhone's built-in App store! With this technique, you can download Kindle onto an iPhone 3g or iPod Touch 2nd generation. Devices running iOS 3.x do not appear to benefit. iOS 5 users apparently must pre-purchase apps on a PC, then, if they're available, download the compatible versions.

For alternatives to the official Facebook app, try searching above for Facebook Chat.

Someone else has made a nice looking search tool called Find Old Apps.

Finding iOS Apps Compatible with Older Devices. Apple Club
The Sept 8 post discusses what happened to Vintapps. Facebook
App-finding technique by msgarmar. Apple Support Communities
Juegos y apps para iphone 3G con iOS 4.2.1. Taringa
People using Whited00r custom firmware should select iPod Touch (1st gen) above.

Although the international menu is no longer necessary, it may be useful to some people. An older version is available here.

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