Phonemic Awareness

Enjoy these 2 Activities on Phonemic Awaremess.
Phonemic Awareness Activities on the iPad are made for each other.  I can't wait to see apps take full advantage of the dynamics of the iPad and researched-based practices.
Have fun with the activities.  

App-tivity 1: Magic Penny 1- Based on A thorough look at an app
This App is not only free it follows . It's a well rounded multi-level app. 
My cons: Can't skip levels and the monkey does get a tad annoying, but it's free:)

  1. Tap Quick Start for Teachers - Since there are multiple young players each needs to have the teacher type in the short password to verify the student. 
  2. Read through the About Magic Penny. Note the 2 passwords. 1 short and 1 long.
  3. Tap Here to Start
  4. Add New Player: Type the shorter password. 
  5. Type your name for the new player and Tap Create.
  6. Tap Let's Play Button
  7. Play through 1 sub-level
  8. Tap End session-> End
  9. Check your progress: tap your name.
To Use the App at Any Level: This allows the teacher to freely move in the program for individual or small group work,
  1. Tap Teacher Mode: Enter longer password.
  2. Tap the Banana Next to Level 2.
  3. Tap a Sub-level Button ex: Level 2-B.
  4. Complete a few questions. Tap End Session  BUT instead of End Choose Select a new sub-level.
  5. Continue until you have tried 1 activity in each level.
Note: If someone can find how to clear names and not just Results let me know.  to replace an old student by editing them and clearing results. 

NOTE: I would suggest not changing the passwords especially in a school setting.

App-tivity 2: Sound Seekers- Initial Sounds- Guided App Review
Complete in Pairs or Solo

App Review Activity
  • Do this first Review together. Pair Up.  Use the evaluation below under attachments made by Kathy Schrock.  It's a nice quick tool.
  • Together or Solo fill out the App Review Form
Company also has app Blend Seekers 

iOS Educational App Evaluation

Lisa Pospishil,
May 31, 2011, 1:31 PM