Cloning Process

Preparing Multiple Clones for beginning of the year Duplication

TIP: Wait until the last possible moment to prepare your clones. Apple OFTEN comes out with a Firmware update mid-summer and sometimes early fall (and when it rains:). Keep your eyes to the internet Mac rumor mill for expected updates. Work on the Master. Once my Master is done I can crank out approximately 100 devices a day per Mothership (Sync Computer).  I sync no more than 20 at a time. 

Step 1: Start with a Fresh iOS device.

New iOS Devices fresh out of the box

  1. Register it under the account you intend it to 1st sync the device to.  
  2. If you KNOW the iOS Firmware is the latest version, unplug the device when it asks to Set Up Your iPod and plug into your sync station. 
  3. If you are not sure if the iOS firmware is the latest. Set up as a new iPod and name it anything. Update the Firmware then place it in the sync station. (NOTE when you get to the last step: if you had to name the device to update the firmware you will need to do a Soft Restore by ctrl + click or right click on the device and choose "Restore from Back-Up" )

Formerly used iOS Device:

  1. It is BEST PRACTICE  to TOTALLY Hard Restore (wipe out) an iOS device before Cloning for beginning of the year use.

Photo of Clones being prepared  for duplicating

Time Saver Tip: You can Update iOS Firmware and Hard Restore on Machines other than the Mothership, Mac or Windows. They don't even need to be 1 of your 5 authorized iTunes Accounts.  I do like to Login to the right account (don't think it matters).  I Usually get 4-5 machines going at a time.  My Student Pod Squad helpers do 5-6.

From this step on you MUST be on the chosen Mothership

Mothership Prep
Step 2
: Make sure Apps on Mothership are UPDATED.

Master Prep
Step 3: Sync Master to Mothership and let it Update Apps.  Double check it doesn't need a firmware update.
Step 4: Change the last Letter of the Master to the next in the Alphabet. EX: ElemMaster A becomes ElemMaster BCtrl + Click on the Master-> Choose Back-up. When Complete disconnect and store in a safe place.  Remember the New Name. NOTE: DO NOT Choose Restore from Back Up (That will wipe out your master and make you cry)

Syncing- Up to 20 at a time. Each device must be restores from the Master individually.  The up side is that all you prep work makes it take only 1-2 minutes max per device before you can move to the next one.  After all are cloning, be patient. It can take up to 1-2 hours.
Step 5: Connect Sync Station with Freshly Hard-Restored iOS devices. Give a bit of time to sync.  
Step 6: Restore from Backup of Master. When asked to Chose a device to Restore From pick the Name of the Master You just backed up. 

Note: May have to do a Soft Restore if you had to name a New device to update the Firmware.

Individualizing the iOS Device and setting restrictions
Step 7: Take All Devices Out: Place back in 1 at a time to rename the device.
Step 8: Turn "Installing Apps" Off if a student device or you want to control installation of apps on staff devices also.

TIP: want to get rid of ALL THOSE BACKUPS to choose from?
Step 1: Open iTunes
Step 2: iTunes->Preferences
Step 3: Click the Device Tab. Delete all unwanted backup. (Don't delete the recent Masters...I haven't tested folder blow out)