Rovio Firmware

To support Rovio Camera Head Incremental Adjustment, you'll need to use my custom firmware.  This custom firmware is based on the official Rovio firmware v5.03 with the following enhancements and modifications.  Besides the Camera Head Incremental Adjustment, all other Rovio Chat functions will work with the original Rovio v5.03 firmware. 

Change Log:
  • Added a new CGI command to control small incremental rovio camera head adjustment.
    /Misc.cgi?action=head_up  ;This will raise the head upwards in about 10 degrees.
    /Misc.cgi?action=head_down  ;This will move the head downwards in about 30 degrees.
  • Added an optional watchdog to improve Rovio's reliability.  The watchdog will reboot Rovio in case the WiFi or HTTP server hangs up.   A new option named "Watchdog Server IP" is added under Network configuration of Rovio web interface.  A local IP address in dot notations (Example, can be configured as the watchdog target server IP.  If the Rovio watchdog cannot contact this target server IP for around 1 minute, it will assume there are some problems with the rovio HTTP server or WiFi and reboot the Rovio.  You can use a router or any other reliable networking device as the watchdog target IP address.  The Rovio power LED will flash between red & green when the watchdog detects connection lost.

    If you cannot connect to Rovio via its web interface, but Rovio's network interface is still functional.  You can force Rovio's watchdog to reboot by bringing down this target server IP for around 1 minute.
  • Rovio now defaults to higher Minimum Framerate & Automatic Gain Control upon startup.  This will increase camera visibility during low light situations.
    Minimum Framerate = 1/2x
    AGC = 4x
  • For iPhone web access, the original firmware uses a strip down mobile version.  This has been changed to the full desktop web version for iPhone access.  You can still access the mobile page by explicitly entering "http://<Rovio IP>/mobile/iph.htm" as the URL.
  • Version # has been updated to 5.03s for web interface, and 3711 for base build.  Do not change these version numbers when using with Rovio Chat iPhone app.


Please note that you may brick your Rovio by flashing a custom firmware.  Theoretically, you can recover a Rovio with bad flash by connecting it via USB to a 32-bit Windows and using Rovio Firmware Updater.  I'll not be responsible if anything happens to your Rovio or renders it non-functional by using this custom firmware.  This firmware is provided as is and without any implied warranties or support.  

Rovio Custom Firmware v5.03t Build 3711:

Binary Image:

* Note:  All existing Rovio settings will be lost after flashing, including all network configurations.  You'll need to re-configure your Rovio via USB or Adhoc connection.

Source Code:   Part 1 of 3,   Part 2 of 3,   Part 3 of 3.

* Original Rovio firmware source code was released by Wowwee.