Phonics or Alphabetic Principle is another growing area in the App store.  The hardest areas to find in this area are phonics beyond the typical CVC practice.

App-tivity 1: Phonic Phil-Create and Activity.
Get to know the app by playing around with Phil.
After watching the basic operation of Phil, create a unique activity with 1 or more students
Enter it in the form below:

Phonic Phil Idea

App-tivity 2:  Choose at least 1 app to Review.  Use the Form below or the Kathy Schrock's App review below.

VowelItUp- Upper level vowel practice in game format.  No Audio Support.
Note: Although this one is good, there are errors. EX: Last sound of Tie is "e" according to them, but soundwise it's "i".

iOS Educational App Evaluation

Lisa Pack,
May 31, 2011, 1:51 PM