Splashtop is a fantastic app that turns your iPad in to a Better Mobi.


Install Splashtop Streamer on your Windows XP Machine:

Splashtop Install on Windows XP

Splashtop Streamer Install
For a Mac

Install and Set-up Streamer

1. Download and install Splashtop Remote on your Mac or Windows computer:
  • Choose Mac Os or Windows version.

  • Type in email and click send.
  • When download is complete install Splashtop Streamer
2.  Computer set up
  • Type in password (Tip: make it one you can remember and you don't mind giving out if you have other people use it.)

Splashtop Remote Intro

3. Start up your iPad Splashtop App and type in your chosen password.
Here are the gestures:

Challenge 1: Splashtop: Make a Document 
Using your favorite word processor on your computer controlling it with your iPad.
Watch the video to see me perform the directions below challenge.

Using your iPad and Splashtop remote you are going to test it out.

Splashtop Challenge 1

Task 1: Set-up a computer like your teacher machine (mac or windows) For Splashtop Streamer. 

Task 2: Start and save a Word Processing document.
  1. Open up a New Word  or Pages document.
  2. At the top type :  Husker Football Rules
    • Tip: tap the keyboard icon in lower right corner.
  3. Go to File->Save and save it on your desktop.
Task 2: Copy and Paste internet picture and paste it into document.
  1. Using your favorite Web Browser on the computer (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Fire Fox) go to the address: http://images.google.com
  2. Search for and choose Nebraska Huskers logo.
  3. Hold down and choose Save Image As.
  4. Insert into the document Move it to an desirable location
  5. Save
Task 3: Attach and email to yourself.
  1. Open up you internet browser, go to http://gmail.com and login to your gmail.
  2. Compose a new message to yourself and attach the file (should be on desktop)
  3. Send.  Note: You will later use this document in the Productivity Wrap-up.
  1. After setting up your computer with Splashtop Remote, Open the Splashtop App.
  2. Program the needed IP info to set it up and Save.
  3. Tap the Computer and complete the following steps: Watch video for a demo.
    1. Create a word processing document and save it to your desktop.
    2. Search for and download an image to your desktop: http://images.google.com  search: Husker Logo
    3. Insert image into document and save.
    4. Email attached document to yourself using your gmail on the computer. DON'T forget to Attach the Document