Journal Articles
  • The Autonomy of the Political within Political Economy
  • Sterpan, Ion and R. Wagner. Advances in Austrian Economics. Vol 22. 2017. 
    We identify the micro context which gives rise to leadership-followership phenomena: when individuals' situational logic is undetermined and their preference and cost functions are incomplete.

  • Transitions to Open Access Orders and Polycentricity
    Sterpan, Ion and P. Aligica. Advances in Austrian Economics. Vol 19. 2015. 
    If efficient rules require a market for rules, and if a market for rules requires power polycentricity, then mainstream institutionalism's elite compact theory of transitions is incorrect. 

Book Chapters
  • Governing the Fisheries. Insights from Elinor Ostrom's Work
    Aligica, P. and I. Sterpan. Institutions and Policies, ed. by R. Wellings. IEA. 2017. 
    We show when the attributes of the resource and other local data favor a common property regime over all other property regimes.

  • Framing the State of Nature through Institutionalist Lenses
    Aligica, P. and I. Sterpan. Institutional Diversity in Self-Governing Societies, ed. by  F. Sabetti and D. Castiglione. Lexington Books. 2016.
    We use Bloomington School's institutional analysis and development framework to detect unwarranted implicit assumptions in armchair state of nature thought experiments.

Working Papers
  • The Use of Knowledge in Governance Systems
    The paper describes market, science, precedent-based law and competitive governance as polycentric systems with a special institutional capacity for utilizing knowledge.