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USA Nationals

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2014 IOM NCR Results

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Hotel Accommodations

Listed below are some of the closest accommodations to the regatta location, Center Lake, 650 Shell Blvd, Foster City.


Courtyard Marriott, 550 Shell Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404, Phone: 650 377 0600

140 ft to sailing venue. Average cost: $273.00-$293

For group discount May 14-18, checking out May 19 (rates subject to change if dates are changed)

Book your group rate: IOM US National Championship Regatta >>       May 14 $209.00  May 15-18 $129.00

A room rate of $209.00 for booking purposes only will be charged for all 5 nights. At check in the $129.00 will apply

May15-18  May 14 $209.00


Crown Plaza, 1221 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404, Phone: 650 570 5700

0.9 mi to venue. Average cost: $181.25-$349.


Extended Stay America, 1830 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404, Phone: 650 574 1744

1 mi to venue.   Average cost: $125


Hilton Garden Inn, 200 Bridgepoint Circle, San Mateo, CA 94404, Phone: 650 522 9000

1.3 mi to venue. Average cost: $199.00-$239.


Residence Inn/Marriott, 2000 Winward Way, San Mateo, CA 94404, Phone: 650 574 4700

1.3 mi to venue. Average cost: $229.00-246.14


Best Western, 2940 South Norfolk St, San Mateo CA 94403, Phone: 650 574 4700

2.4 mi to venue. Average cost: $139.49-174.99


Motel 6, 1101 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002, Phone: 650 591 1471

2.1 mi to venue. Average cost: $75.99


Holliday Inn & Suites, 330 North Bayshore Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94401, Phone: 650 344 3219

4.5 mi to venue. Average cost: $166.83-$268


Hyatt House, 400 Concourse Dr, Belmont, CA 94002, Phone: 650 591 8600

2.2 mi to venue. Average cost: $176.67-$216.67


Additionally, there are 30 hotels/motels located within 10 miles of the sailing venue ranging in price from $70.00-$300.


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Results:  There are 3 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, the "Final" results tab comes up first.  To see Day 2 or Day 3 results click on the corresponding tabs

2013 USA IOM NCR day2 and day 3

4/27/13 - Day 3, Bob Wells reporting:

Day Four of the USA IOM National championship:

After 12 races and 48 heats - our worthy 2013 national champion is Ian Vickers from New Zealand, and currently living in San Francisco, where he has started manufacturing his V8 design. In fact he built his lean white V8 just a few weeks before the regatta. The first time I saw Ian sail was at the Famous Potato Regatta in Boise, Idaho last year; and just like there he was always at the front. The only obvious change - the color of his boat.

Brad Gibson from the UK followed in a fairly close 2nd place position. It was a treat to see first hand how BG sailed and tuned his Britpop, on loan from a Roy Langbord. Brad was a busy boy tuning his Britpop and every other Britpop that populated this regatta. BG was always generous and never more so than in his acceptance talk that praised our champion's skill and his new boat. After this regatta Brad and Victoria are getting married in the US - congratulations!

Third place goes to Eric Arndt from California, the highest finishing American. He was sailing his Lintel design, which is  for sale by the way. I understand Eric is a big-boat professional sailor.

A well-deserved fourth place goes to Jeff Byerley, a New Zealander living in Oz. Jeff's day job is producing boats and sails from his company known as Mirage Radio Yachts. Jeff sailed his popular Cheinz design on loan from Gary Boell.

Fiifth place went to last year's popular champion, Tony "Who let the dogs out" Gonsalves sailing a  Cheinz. He was the highest finishing skipper not somehow in the industry. Tony came off the hospital bed after an operation to repair a pitbull bite just a few days before the regatta. A tough guy, and always smiling despite one ugly swollen hand.

Of course a glance at the score sheet shows tight sailing from the top to the bottom. There was always somebody chasing you just a few points behind, and that's the fun of a Nats. It was sunnier and warmer on this last day that provided our first light air sailing. I only saw one B-rig come out at the end of the day.

 Like every else, closing ceremonies was first class and left me driving home with a good feeling. It takes a while to pass out all the swag and wine bottles seemingly to all the volunteers and skippers. I didn't dream attending a regatta this well-managed with this level of sailing skill when I got into this class a few years ago. Thank you North Bay Sailing Club. Thank you Fred Rocha, you are the catalyst and a difference maker at the USA NCA. Go Oracle Team USA and Matty Mason.

4/27/13 - Day 3, Bob Wells reporting:

"Day three of US Nats  is complete and it was another great sailing day. The sun came early today and stayed late at this terrific venue on the Bay at Oracle Racing's Pier 80. Wind was mostly A-rig with some B-rig towards the end of the day. The two great questions of the day were should you go to the left or right and when to switch down to the B-rig or up to A-rig. Ian Vickers answer those questions best and he now leads the championship with Brad Gibson in second and Eric Arndt in third. One racing day left.

A big highlight of the day was when Matty Mason led our tour of the Oracle Racing facility with the incredible AC72s and AC45s. Matty is another New Zealander on Team USA and fortunately for us he likes the IOM's. If he didn't have some more important AC matters at hand he would be racing in our national championship. Matty is our connection with Oracle Racing, and we are grateful. I will make every effort to sail here as much as I can, and I hope this special venue can be open to us forever.

I have to say again how well-managed this regatta has been. It is well staffed with knowledgeable volunteers, foods great thanks to Oracle, US Sailing judges are here to resolve  protests, and this is a great group to socialize and play with. Bedtime.

Bob Wells
Seattle model Yacht Club"

4/26/13 - Day 2, Bob Wells reporting:

Day two of the USA National IOM Championships is complete, and it's been an even better day than the first great day. This  is only because we completed three and half races today and only two races Thursday. Again it was gray in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. And another terrific lunch served by the Oracle chef.

The sailing started off in A rig and eventually everybody changed down to the B suit. Well everybody but Morgan Dewees in the last A fleet heat. It was a bad idea, which Morgan learned as soon as he turned downland.

After five races with 55 entries Brad Gibson leads followed IanVickers and Eric Arndt. Tony Gonsalves is in fourth place and Jeff Weiss is sailing consistently in 5th. Neither Gibson or Vickers could manage a bullet on the second day, after they dominated the first day.

Evening  saw a large group dinner at Bertinelli's restaurant in South San Francisco.  Somebody on the race committee thought Gary Boell would make a good social chairman for the dinner, and to nobodies surprise he was just that. Thank you Midwest Model Yacht's, BBJ Sails, and Power Sails for some really nice swag.

My old EC-12 sailing buddy Dave Brawner, now the AMYA Pres., flew in today to watch our regatta. This was his first IOM regatta, and it was a good show for him. Dave told me he was highly impressed by the professionalism of the skippers and volunteers. During the heats it is amazingly quiet. Credit goes to North Bay RC Sailing Club for a very well-oiled regatta. Thank you to organizer's George Pedrick, John Ebey, and Gary Boell. And another big thank you to Fred Rocha our PRO, who came from San Diego. Also to Lana Butler, who came from Kingston, ON to be our scorekeeper.


Bob Wells
Seattle model Yacht Club"

4/25/13 - Day 1, Bob Wells reporting:

"First day of the US nationals is in the books and a fantastic first day. This is a world class radio sailing site, made more special by the presence of Oracle Racing crew.  At the end of racing there was a celebrity race with the Team USA Oracle Racing crew  sailing our IOMs.

While we waited for the measurement process we met international sailings celebrities Brad Gibson, Jeff Byerley, Ian Vicker, Dave Potter, Marko Majic, Peter Allen, and Denis Astbury. I would include Tony Gonsalves,  Stan Wallace, Peter Van Rossem in this group; but we see them all the time. A very congenial group, and my Pacific Northwest group is having a ball. The barbecue rib lunch provided by the Oracle chef was way above the usual fare provided.

Two races with  four heats each were completed. There was lots of A-rig practice, but the racing was pretty much all solid B-rig. You had to play the shifts, as this was a sailor race and not a speed course.

The last A fleet race was watched with much interest. This was the first time that Gibson and Vickers went head-to-head. Byerley lead some of the race but Gibson got this one for two bullets. Tony Gonsalves and Craig Mackey were up there too. It was notable that Mackey was one of two boats with a A rig. Sometimes it was advantage sometimes it wasn't. We particularly admired Craig's downwind sailing by the lee, which was really effective. Then when he had to gybe in a gust, he  pulled in the sheets to de-power and survived. There was lots of great sailing to admire today.

Bob Wells
Seattle Model Yacht Club"

North Bay Remote Control Sailing Club bids welcome to all participants of the 2013 USA IOM National Championship Regatta, April 25th - 28th.

and SI are attached at the bottom of this page.


San Francisco, California “City by the Bay”. Founded in 1776, destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and fire, rebuilt for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Today San Francisco is a world class tourist destination. Home to the 34th Americas Cup, ORACLE TEAM USA, Golden Gate Bridge, World Champion San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, China Town, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Warf, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Park, Fort Point, Coit Tower, Russian Hill, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Lombard Street, Marina Green, The Embarcadero, Palace of Fine Arts, de Young Museum, California Academy of Sciences, SF Museum of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum, Union Square, South Beach, City Hall, Fort Mason, Presidio, excellent dining, warms springs, cool summers and world class sailing.


This year’s event will be held at Oracle Team USA Pier 80 compound on San Francisco Bay. Pier 80 is located on the north side of Isalis Creek adjacent to the bay. The address of the compound is at 999 Marin Street,San Francisco, California 94124.  Here is a map to the venue

The venue features a steady westerly afternoon breeze, elevated walk able control area with excellent site lines and dry launch. The site allows for superb courses in width and length.


The venue is located just 12 miles north of San Francisco International Airport and 22 miles east of Oakland International Airport. Click for Live Traffic


Hotels for 2013 NCR

Hosted Dinner:

Sodini’s – Bertolucci Restaurant, 421 Cypress Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94080, Phone: 650-588-1625   -- map --


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