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IP Engineering K Wagon

A cut-by-cut Build & Detailing Review of the new IP Engineering 'K Wagon'
by Ed More
Photo of IP Engineering Sample Kit
First up, some prototype information. The K wagons / vans were quite numerous on the Isle of Man Railway, 32 vehicles in total including replacements, of which 20 were built by the railway on redundant wooden chassis of original 4-wheel carriages when their bodies were 'paired' onto new bogied steel underframes.
This new IP Engineering kit is based on a 4-wheel carriage chassis version, so allowing models of stock numbered K.13 through to K.26, or replacement vehicles K.1, K.2 and K.5, or 'sheep-only' vehicles K.13A and K.14A. Plenty of choice then for modellers.
Periods of use for this type of vehicle on the IOMR range from 1912 through to 1965, although a number of K vans had short lives due to accident or general degradation, only some being subsequently replaced before the carriage of livestock dwindled. 
With the exception of replacement wagon K.5 which used a 16' 0" chassis from original Brake Van E.3, all of the other wagons being the subject of the kit used 16' 6" chassis from original B and C class carriages (what's a scale 7.5mm between friends!), with brake components canibalised, made up in the IOMR workshops or supplied as spares by Metropolitan. Although the original C class braked carriages and E class brake vans had a double-sided / four wheel braking arrangement, as cattle wagons / vans the brake arrangement became one-sided / two-wheel or one-wheel braking on the side of the operating lever. 
For more detailed prototype references, drawings and reading, I can recommend the IOMSRSA website  and the book "The Outline History of The Isle of Man Railway - Volume 3" by J.I.C. Boyd published by Oakwood Press, amongst other good works. Please see the Reference page on this site.
I've had some questions about open top cattle wagons on the IOMR, some early examples of cattle wagon used by the IOMR / MNR were roof-less (poor sheep and cows), but not of the same chassis type. I have no doubt that scratchbuilders will use the kit to 'make hay while the sun shines ......'
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