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Bradypus Nick's Bodges and Bits

Despite not posting much on the forum (picture me as the bloke in the corner listening to the chatter, saying nowt and making a half of bitter last all evening), I have been slowly progressing my 'Not-The-Isle-Of-Man-Railway'. As a consequence I am producing my own rolling stock for laser cutting and (now) 3D printing. Once I have done the donkey work in preparing the drawings, producing the parts is relatively easy so I am offering copies of my kits to forum members on an at-cost basis.

After 3 year's inactivity: My first ready-to-run wagon!
MNR H wagon. Supplied painted in grey (no) data body and black running gear.

3D printed throughout in tough PLA with silver steel axles. Can be supplied as 45mm or 32mm gauge. Fitted with printed Accucraft-compatible couplers but can be retrofitted with genuine Accucraft couplers or Trackshack scale versions.

Taking orders (Feb 2020) for collection at Peterborough show. Failing that, you will be able to inspect one on the stand at the show (courtesy of Mr. M) to order later.

Price to members: £40.00 (+P&P if needed)

Ping me an email through the 'contacts' page if you are interested, or via

Laser cut kits are still available:

Kit No.5:

IMR G vans 15-18 built on former coach chassis.
Similar spec. to the MNR G van below.

No 5 : Solid headstocks

No 5A: Cutout headstocks for Accucraft couplers.


Kit No 4: Manx Northern Railway G van G(R)12

Test model shown here. Painted quickly so I could show it off at a recent 16mm Association steamup. Photo of production model (including the details listed below) to follow when it stops raining!

As previous models, ply sides + styrene strapping. End louvres not shown but will be part of the kit. The diagonal planked panels are separate so the "odd" doors on Gr10 &11 can be modelled and extra straps are provided for the sides of Gr11.

Acrylic & styrene single sided brake gear included as well as brass axle bearings (3mm bore) and brass rod for bolts & handrails

Kit 4: With solid headstocks and drop-plate for lowheight couplers.

Kit 4A - With cutout headstocks to accept 'standard' Accucraft
choppers mounted behind the headstock at scale height.


Kit No.3: Manx Norhtern H wagon No.s 1-12 (IMR Hr.27-38

As illustrated in plate 150 of Boyd vol. 3 but includes alternative coupling hook bangers in timber (as illustrated) and rectangular plate , as seen on other wagons.

Kit for plywood body and chassis with styrene strapping and brass axle bearings (3mm bore). Only requires wheels & couplings to complete.

The strapping is engraved with the bolt positions but, being styrene, readily lends itself to detailing with stick-on plastic bolt heads, should you so wish.

You will need to scribe the planking on the interior of the body and position the interior strapping.

The photo shows the prototype as assembled straight from the laser, with no added sweetners or preservatives!

Kit 3: As shown with solid headstocks and drop-plate for lowheight couplers

Kit 3A - With cutout headstocks to accept 'standard' Accucraft
choppers mounted behind the headstock at scale height - per the E van detail below.


Kit No.1: Manx Northern brake van No.16/ IMR E10

Kit for body and chassis. Includes 6 sheets of plywood, acrylic glazing, brass bearings to suit Accuraft wheels (3mm axle).

Requires wheels couplings & sundry bits of wire to complete.

Headstocks included for 'scale' couplers (as shown), drop height couplers (16mm std) and Accucraft couplers fitted behind the headstocks to give 'close' coupling - as pictured below.


Detail of Accucraft coupler mounted behind headstock.

If anybody is interested...

Please contact me directly at the email on the 'contacts' page, or via I am producing kits to order and developing new ones as time permits, so delivery is not instant but I hope to keep the wait reasonably short. I stress that I am not doing this commercially, so please bear with me, as I do have a day job which keeps me otherwise occupied!