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Bill's Carriage model

So here's my sketchup model for a carriage. It's not finished yet, and I'm not completely convinced of the dimensions at this stage. It was based loosely on the Accucraft pairs coach. Click the picture to see it bigger.
and for comparison, here's a photo I took some time back when I was on the island. I think this matches quite well. I'm not sure I'll make it a guard carriage or not. Do they have the little end windows when it's not a guard carriage?

Here's a photo of an actual bogie that I am hoping to reproduce with brass plate, nuts and bolts, and a bit of timber. 

Here's a screenshot from the sketchup model that I have put together. I'm hoping to get some sort of axle box fabricated that I can clamp between the brass plates with the nuts and bolts.

If I can find somewhere to get the brass plate from in pre-cut into strips, or even a way to cut the 1mm (or there about) in nice flat strips, I'll have a go of putting one together. I think I'll try making the axle boxes on the computer (nicer than those shown above) and get them rapid prototype printed. Then I'll give them a brass sleeve for the axle to run in.

Here's where I'm up to with the model also: I've cut the wood for the following parts, and I'll screw them all together with miniature screws. I'll put some pics of the real thing up soon.

I've been working on the Sketchup model and here are the results (click to enlarge):


Also, I have had the axle boxes printed, and here they are:

I think they'll look better once painted and finished off.

I've now sorted out the Sketchup model and flattened it out in CAD ready for laser cutting in 1.5mm plywood.

I've also made a version of my carriage bogie in Sketchup as above, and made it in two halves as complete pieces that could be printed. I've uploaded it to "Shapeways" and it seems ok. I might try to print in and see if it's good enough to use. Here's a pic of the sketchup model. You'd need to add connecting bars at each end, and a wooden connection in the middle to pivot the carriage on.

I took the CAD to our office model makers, and he cut out the pattern on their laser cutter from 1.5mm plywood. Here are the pics of the cut sheets:


After just popping the pieces out of their sheets, without any glue, I rested the pieces together. Here's an idea of what it should look like:


I also have brass bar and mini bolts to go with the axle boxes to make up some bogies, but I hope to be able to test the printed versions also. Perhaps on the next test of the laser cutting.


Progress has been made on the chassis. I've built a simple frame out of beading from B&Q, and screwed it together with mini brass screws. You should be able to make them out. I want to try to make the running boards, steps, or whatever their technical term is, using some brass pipe, squashed to make the flat attachment areas, and left round for the rest. I'm not sure how I'll affix them to the chassis yet, but we'll see. At the moment I'm just using some Briandbright bogies, and these will probably stay on this version as I want to try and make it using available parts, so that I can advertise it as such: Just a body and frame model kit, perhaps with some detailing parts. I can't decide weather to use Accucraft couplings, or go for DJB ones. I think I'll do the Accucraft option, to try and keep the cost down.