Favourite Suppliers - sometimes the most useful things turn up in the most unexpected places!
TrackShack Ltd -  Accucraft, Roundhouse and IP Engineering RTR and kit locos, carriages and wagons, plus homebuilder parts, accessories and track. 
Worsley Works - specialist etched-brass panel / fittings producer, range includes Schoema Diesel 'Viking', side/end panels for 'Pairs' carriages, F75 and the Nelson Hurst built F37/38.
Accucraft UK - manufacturuer of RTR locos (live steam and electric) and carriages for IOM and other railways, plus useful accessories.  
Brandbright Ltd - RTR and kit locos, carriages and wagons, homebuilder parts, interior detailing sets for IOM 4-wheelers/'Pairs' carriages, lots of castings and materials for the scratchbuilder.
Trenarren Models - lineside detailing, station fittings and materials.
IP Engineering - loco, carriage and goods wagon kit manufacturer and retailer, including IOM G Van and K Wagon, homebuilder parts and much more.
TM Models - lineside buildings, lighting kits for carriages and more.
Cambrian Models - loco and rolling stock detailing components, signal kit, dummy nuts, bolts and rivets.

Narrow Planet - custom etched nameplates and builder plates
DJB Model Engineering  Several different small "F" carriages, half brakes F19 & 20, Empress Vans and home builder parts
Summerlands Chuffer   "Chuffer" pipes for the Accucraft "Peveril" and "Caledonia"

The Train Department - Regner, Roundhouse and Accucraft locos and rolling stock, own-brand kits, accessories and more 
For residents, or whilst visiting the Island, MODEL WORLD, in St. Pauls Precinct, Ramsey, has stocks of thin ply, stripwood, plastic and brass bits, paints, brushes and a selection of bits and pieces in its Dolls House accessories that are quite useful, no website as far as I am aware.
Isle of Man Railways - Facebook - the welcome page of the Isle Of Man Heritage Railways System

Associations, Societies, Clubs: 


Online Reference Material:  - the Isle Of Man Steam Railway Supporters Association website - more IOMR/MNR information than you can 'shake a stick at', both historical and current.  - photos of IOMR locomotives by Jon Wornham.  - photos of IOMR rolling stock by Jon Wornham.  - photo album, the IMR through the years, some stunning pictures. - a brief guide to modelling the Isle of Man Railway (various scales). -  the Manx Northern Railway on wikipedia. -  the Isle of Man Railway on wikipedia. 

Member's own railway pages:

Bill's railway project - the fox-dale railway (in kent). It's a long term project (aren't they all) but there's other info on there too about the IOM railway and garden railway building.


ISLE OF MAN TRAVEL  - the IOM Government's tourism department website

Trains Of Mann - David Lloyd - Jones website for Railway prints etc