Welcome to the Warehouse, where we highlight upcoming / available items from commercial retailers, producers and other sources which we feel will be of particular interest to:
  • 15mm scale Isle of Man Railway / Manx Northern Railway modellers
  • 16mm and 7/8ths inch scale Groudle Glen Railway modellers.

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We would wish to point out that the IOM15milgroup as a whole has no affiliation to any of the firms above or below, this area is purely for reference.

TRACKSHACK  (IOM) Exclusives

Ex-CDRJC Railcar No.20 commissioned from Accucraftvisit website

IOMR 15mm scale parts for kit / scratch builders, produced by Accucraft
  • W-iron/Axlebox/Leaf Spring
  • Split-spoke Wheelsets
 visit website

ACCUCRAFT UK  (via authorised dealers)

 IMR No.5 "MONA" (Live Steam & DC Electric)
 'Ailsa Green' & 'Indian Red' Liveries
 visit website

 IMR 'E' Brake Van with Lookout Duckets
 'Maroon & Cream' & 'Green & Cream' Liveries
 visit website

 IMR original-type 'G' Vans, with and without Portholes
 'Grey' livery 
 visit website 

 IMR 'Pairs' Carriage - Composite Only
 'Marroon & Cream' Livery

 visit website 

4-Wheel Carriages
  • "B" Type - All Third
  • "C" Type - Brake Third

Also available in Green & Cream Livery
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     'K' Wagon Kitvisit websiteIsle Of Man Covered Cattle Wagon Kit
     'G' Van Kitvisit websiteIsle Of Man Goods G Van Kit
     Wickham Inspection Railcarvisit website


     St. John's Station Platform Edgingvisit website


     GGR Carriage Kits (16mm & 7/8ths scales)visit website1896 Coaches types A and B
     GGR BEV "POLAR BEAR" Kit (16mm & 7/8ths scales)visit websiteBattery Locomotives Polar Bear & Sea Lion

    • Ex Manx Northern Hurst Nelson Carriages F37 & 38 (sides and ends only etched brass)
    • Pairs Carriages, various types including F75 The Dukes and Directors coach (sides and ends only etched brass)
    • VIKING diesel loco body etched brass scratch aid kit
    • Ex County Donegal Railcars 19 and 20 (etched brass sides, ends and cabs only)
    • Ex West Clare diesel loco body scratch aid etched brass kit (locos considered for IMR purchase by A.M Sheard and D.Shaw)
    • Suppliers of "Chuffer" pipes for the Accucraft "Peveril" and "Caledonia", to give your loco a bit more "Bark!"
    THE TRAIN DEPARTMENT (also see sub-page)

    IOMR Type 'E' Brake Van Kitvisit website
     MNR Type 'E' Brake Van Kit
    visit websitehttps://4e03ca68-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/iom15milgroup/warehouse/traindepartment/E1%20web.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7crHsHqpgXYM5KV3qGUTjlsVi8WwcqwLEa8lFjtaIhm75Hom3ln0D_tDYb6oZAUKLpf6NoKyF-f8BxkxwcJxY91AJgkfCTpJhadr1nARvnskbLX-uOE3dWJW0pbin1e_3bsCYM5nelBwQc-xm1yc1x5HoTBlG_ZURgZt3Q8s8x9SqvI0YnyRgZzxTpzSY9M2WEQXC1xz6cOVb901gv74kUNIbDfqHzl_uchQdrSAg5aW1E_lJ5XT5ou3SeUovVielf8pF7ao&attredirects=0
     IOMR 6-spoke Carriage Wheels - CNC machined
    visit website


    New 15mm scale range of Isle of Man Railway Buildings & Lineside Structures. Options for
    • self-assembly kits, unpainted
    • fully assembled models, unpainted
    • fully assembled and painted models

    Port Erin Engine Shed, Water Tower, Goods Shed (in low relief), Station Building.


    Please check with your usual favourite supplier for product availability and to express your interest / order.