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IOM15milgroup Welcome Message

Hello All.

If you're just dropping in for interest, do please have a look round Home & History, Station Noticeboard, Station Bar, Workshop, Areas to Explore, The Warehouse, Reference and Links.

Members negotiate Mr Google's signing in process and then get to see more, contribute and collaborate! We're imagining we will all play nicely together and moderating the site will not be any huge problem.

The idea is to provide us with a virtual meeting place, to exchange news, ideas and images as we create our own small versions of IOM railways.

Think of the site as being a magazine format, with different sections, pictures and some relevant promotional material from various suppliers (just like Railway Modeller or Garden Rail).



The sign-in tab is at the bottom of the Home Page, along with tabs for recent activity etc. When you are signed in, a menu bar will appear across the top of the page with a pencil (edit) page (create new page) and “MORE” at the centre. By clicking on the pencil, the edit options are displayed.

Please note, if you already have a Google account (youtube, g.mail, another google group etc) then the existing user name and password should get you in to the IOM15milgroup site.

If you continue to be frustrated by Google in your attempts to sign in, drop a mail to railwayman at manx dot net. We are aware that there are issues with virginmedia and ntlworld e-mail accounts, the ntlworld in particular will not allow access to sign in to the site, we do not have a fix for this, sorry. Some additional information from the Google Sites Help forums appears a short way below.

Please check your profile after signing into the site, Google tends to assume you will be happy to have your full e-mail address displayed as your user name, please alter to suit.

There are benefits to be had from an active membership, feel free to join in the banter in the Station Bar, and we would encourage any new members to call in and say hello.

From time to time we may make some group offers available to our more active members in advance of them being generally advertised in the Warehouse or in the "Members Only" section.


Most sections and pages are self explanatory (Loco Shed, Carriage Shed etc.)
You can insert comments, images and videos, ideally the images would be hosted outside the site, on Picassa or Youtube or similar, if you insert photographs directly, keep the files small 600x400 pixels ideally or under 200kb. I use a free program called pix resizer to reduce the images, it works well, but you may have your own favourites.

Please add your initials in brackets to any images you post, and it goes without saying, be careful with anything that has a whiff of copyright associated with it, the moderators reserve the right to remove any images that may be inappropriate.

Comments are posted simply by typing in the comments box at the foof of the active page, and clicking "add comments", regrettably there is no facility for correcting typing errors or mis-spellings once they are posted, the only way around this is to firstly COPY the comment, then click REMOVE COMMENT, and then PASTE into the comments box once again, this time correcting the mistake before clicking on ADD COMMENT once again, or more simply by removing and retyping the whole thing.


As this is the main 'landing page' for the site and history keeps evolving, updates to this page (including the Station Noticeboard) are handled by the administrators. If you think or would like something added on this page, drop an email to usual address.


The Station Bar is for general and specific topic chat, passing observations and news, etc.  Each new month will have a new page, the old pages are kept in the Storage Siding for around three to six months before being either deleted or moved to some sort of archive.


The Warehouse is where we list recent and upcoming new products, both commercial and group member generated. Any out-and-out commercial activity is to be placed in the Warehouse. If it appears elsewhere, it may be moved into the Warehouse by the moderators, although we do make brief mention of products also on the Home & History page.


This section now is home to the Scrapyard, Members Sales/Swaps/Wants etc, Exhibition Information, Storage Sidings and the link to the satellite site of reference and research photographs.

“Scrapyard” - this is the play area to try out ideas for pages and contributions, feel free to experiment here, you can’t break anything, I hope (!), and the public won't be able to see what you're doing until you're ready to publish.
Member Sales / Swaps / Wants.... what it says on the label.
The Members Only area is  the home to the portal to our satellite site, where we are assembling a collection of photographs of the real railway, to be used as reference for any modelling projects you might be undertaking. There will be photographs of locos, carriages, goods vehicles, buildings etc, all taken across a span of at least 50 years and beyond, you are invited to add any photos you may consider suitable.
Finally in the Members Only section you will find the contact e-mail addresses of those members who are happy to receive e-mail messages from other group members. Please add your name to the list on this page if you wish, it is entirely personal choice if you do, or do not


It's a collaboration group, so everyone has the edit facility to add to the site, but can we make it a rule that we only edit our own material and comments.

When signed in to the site, you will see there is a bar running along the top of each page. On the top right hand side of the bar are two boxes, a pencil and a page with a + sign.

The page sign lets you open a new page and asks you where it should appear (for instance if you are in the WORKSHOP page and open a new page from the top bar, the default location for your new page will be in the WORKSHOP)

The pencil tab opens the current page for editing and a menu appears INSERT / Format / Table / Layout

The INSERT tab opens another menu , some of the popular choices for us would be IMAGE, LINK, SLIDESHOW and VIDEO.

A few have been asking about inserting pictures and links etc, so here is a brief set of extra instructions.

You can use the attachment button on the page, but your image will not appear to view, it will be just listed as an attachment. To make your image appear on page follow the instructions below

To insert an image, click your cursor on the place on the page your image is to go, then click insert and then image. A new box opens up, it will show any pictures already on the page and a browse tab. Click this tab and select your image from the required folder, double click the image and it will upload to the site, you will see the new image when uploaded will have a yellow border. Click OK and your image will appear on the page, together with a bar to give you options for size and position. Once you are happy save the page, then go back to edit to add a caption.

A word about image sizes, these should be around 600 x 400pixels or under 200k if you need to resize your image, do so before uploading, I use a free program called pix resizer, but you might have a different favourite. Should the moderators find a file or image wildly exceeding the acceptable limit, we may either resize it or delete it.
If you are completely foxed by the system, and are desperate to add an image, send it, and details of where it is to be displayed, together with a caption, to the railwayman at manx dot net address and we will do it for you.

Any problems give me a shout, but try out uploading in the scrap yard, also adding links, slideshows and video, all done by copying the address bar of your browser and pasting into the box where appropriate.

Its a bit daunting till you get the hang of it, but once you do, its dead easy.

Hope this helps, please enjoy the site, and don’t forget to join us in the Station Bar every now and then, even if only to say hello. We now have several international members, so the licensing hours have been relaxed. The Landlord would like to remind everyone though, that the Bar is a member of Pubwatch and any unruly behaviour will be attended to if necessary .


Access Google sites using 'rebadged' gmail accounts

Some users are experiencing problems when they try to access Google Sites using Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder accounts. Presumably this is something to do with the fact that these are (afaik) gmail re-badged! To resolve this, follow the instructions given below.
  1. Sign in to your Google Account using the Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder email address you used to publish your website initially.
  2. Change the primary e-mail address on this account (use any address except a Google Apps or Gmail-based address*).
  3. Verify the new e-mail address using the confirmation link in the email Google will send you - your password for your Google Account will remain the same.

You can now sign in to Google Sites using the new email address specified (alongside your original password), and can edit and improve your business website.

*We recommend signing up for a government-backed MyGuide email address.

Alternative email providers to try are hotmail.com and yahoo.com
Please use the railwayman at manx dot net address if you wish to contact the moderators for any reason. We will attempt to reply to you within 24hrs at the outside. E-mails are usually checked early in the morning, mid afternoon and late evening, this may vary over weekends and Public Holidays.

If you wish to drop out of the site, please let us know so we can remove you from our mailing list.