Peel Station 00n3 project

11:11 PM May 19
I have added this page to record progress on the 00n3 project of Peel Station started in May 2014.
The locos and stock I got from Richard have all been tested and assessed now, and I have a nucleus of four working locomotives several of the Gem bogie carriages and half a dozen or so assorted goods vans and wagons. Hopefully the other two locos should also see service before too long.
Plans for Peel Station were published in Railway Modeller many moons ago, drawn up by Michael Farr, the plans were for the station building only, so the goods shed and office and the loco shed will need some further thought. The Water tower is still in existence.
This will be the second time I have tackled Peel in model form, the first being during the mid 80's as part of the 5.5mm IOM layout I built.
The track plan will more or less follow the one made by Barry Lane, and again featured in RM during the 80's, although there is still some thought being given to the final design, I am torn between the 6ft by 3ft fold up version or two separate 5ft by 2ft boards in an L shape.
Track and points are all to be Peco HOm.
And with that..... Off we go
Peel 1

Test assembled, the basic shell and roof of the station building
The station building, almost complete
Test placing on the baseboard, the facade of Corletts Warehouse rises behind the station building
A mock up of one side and one end of the goods shed in place, the pitch of the roof does not quite look right so a little alteration was made before cutting the ends walls in thicker card
The goods shed in place and awaiting completion
Looking at progress from Peel Hill
The Railway Hotel ( The Creek) appears
Worsley Works scratch aid MNR Hurst Nelson carriage, one of three coach kits I got from Stan
Another of Richards locos nears completion, this one is being turned out as "Mona"
This view of the rear of the shed and water tower owes much to a photograph in the excellent "Douglas to Peel" photo book by Tom Heaveyside

The addition of some "sky" paper and the tarmacing of the harbour side road make a difference
Have been having some fun cutting up Peco back scenes so they bear a passing resemblance to the skyline of Peel, the distinctive clock tower is a computer print out of a photo

The low relief gasworks wasn't working to my liking, so I made a new backscene using acrylic paints and gcse art
At the other end of the station yard, the Seaborn fish factory starts to fill that end of the layout. The walls are all Das clay and await painting. Note Peel ends abruptly above the factory at the moment, an extension is planned!
Ready for departure
Mona, with a winter service train
Setting off for St.Johns

The new Oxford Rail IOM Loco "Hutchinson", posed at Peel.