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Loco Shed (Steam power)

The place to showcase, describe and comment on 15mm scale IMR / MNR ready-to-run, kit-built and scratch-built 'Live Steam' powered locomotives, both in close-up and scenic settings
                                                               PEVERIL SAMPLE





Images above by permission of Accucraft UK




                                       Scroll down to near bottom of album, video and stills of Accucrafts new Peveril in action at Diamondhead
A DJB "Fenella" (photo by permission of Geoff Munday)
 - see more of Geoff's lining work at, including three Turner Caledonia's !



 Someone had to be the first, so it might as well be me! (NHN)
Thom...sorry, L&L 15 'Hibernia' on 'shed' - out of steam as usual!

Caledonia with a black dome. Thanks to Paul Hagglund for the idea.


DJB Engineering "Mona" has steam to spare in the snow.
She is meths fired (LD)

DJB Engineering "Thornhill" at St Mark's station on my Isle of Man Southern line.
Like "Mona", meths fired (LD)

A pair of DJB's straight out of the works


DJB "G.H.Wood"


DJB "Fenella"


DJB "Kissack"





Well folks, this is what you get.....and she runs a treat! (NHN)