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Measure 50mm out from your track, ignore station buildings, sheds and signalling kit, anything further out is Lineside!
Perhaps a new miniature tree you've bred, cattle pens, level crossings or water towers - showcase, describe and comment here when you're up and running or spot new products! 


Bridges On The Foxdale & St. Marks Branch 

One of my new Manx Northern type bridge facades in place, based on one of the Orrisdale bridges Ramsey side of Kirk Michael 
Construction is of ply, coated with pva and then Das terracotta clay pressed on and scribed to represent the stone courses. 
Painted when set dry. The facade does not live outside, but is only put in place during running sessions

Here is the real thing

A couple of examples from Alf Bray's Manx Southern Railway
New Santon Tower
Kirk Michael

Anybody else fancy this as a modelling project, one of the fleet of decrepit delivery vehicles that used to be based at the main stations

IOM Road Services Bus Leyland PD2 (ish!), constructed from the contents of my scrap box (MB)

Looking suspiciously busy, the Colby goods 'shed', a grounded E Van, has been moved to Lezayre. (PT)

Just arrived from St Marks, Highways Board No.1 picks up barrels of tar from the yard
at Glen Auldyn. (PT)

A building in Water Street, Ramsey, caught my eye the other year, so I took a few photos; I'm not sure what it was, though a builder has it now. In an attempt to block out the fence, I've built a slightly smaller version for Glen Auldyn, from PVC-faced foamboard. The parts are laser cut, while stone and roofing detail is 'engraved' using the laser cutter, too. (PT)

Warm weather, and Peveril caught shunting at Glen Auldyn.
The Mystery Welder (this week: Frankie Dettori) gets a lesson in the correct oxyacetylene mix from The Charmless Nurk. (PT)

The start of TT fortnight has resulted in several extra workings to Glen Auldyn. Simply Devine sees off a Motorcyclists' Excursion. (PT)

Indoor Backscenes
The 'backscene' on indoor layouts can present a problem in large scale modelling, mainly from the lack of available 3D real world space. Low-relief buildings, hillsides, embankments etc. are great in smaller scales where the scenery is more easily compressed, but when modelling a rural station on 40' x 4' of model space, it becomes a challenge to maintain realism and effect. Plus you need to factor in operator convenience - 'long arm' accessibility for the occasional uncoupling, derailment or stall on points!
The backscene for Ballaugh Station layout is planned as a continuous panaromic photograph of the area, 50cm high, fronted for 3D transition with low stone walls, hedges, 'half-round' trees, a goods shed and small embankments / road over-bridges. I've tried several times to achieve the panorama sequence without success, concluding that this will need to be commercially (professionally) produced at some point down the road.
In the meantime, some 20" high continuous rural backscenes have been introduced by International Models, who also sell a great range of scenery materials for the indoor modeller. The print quality is excellent and will serve very well pro tem.
Now, how to squeeze in the view from Ballaugh of St. Patrick's Isle in the distance!  Ah yes, modeller's license ................