At Ytai's suggestion (a good one) I have put together Sparkfun Wish Lists for the book. All the projects need you to buy the stuff in the Chapter 1 wish list and then also the wish list for the chapter. Note that not all the components for the projects are available from Sparkfun. The additional components are listed below under each chapter.

Chapter 1. Getting Started

Chapter 2. Intruder Alarm
You will also need:
10kΩ 0.5W resistor. Newark code: 38K5141

Chapter 3. Bluetooth Temperature Logger
You will also need:
A Bluetooth USB adaptor. Newark code: 39T4089

Chapter 4. LED Matrix Light Show
You will also need: 
8 x MOSFETS. Newark code: 89K1814
16 x 100Ω resistors. Newark code: 58K3723
Stripboard. Newark code: 96K6336

Chapter 5. Surveillance Rover
You will also need: 
2 x Gearmotors. Polou code: 1122
A Bluetooth USB adaptor. Newark code: 39T4089
SPST switch. Newark code: 22K8977
Battery box. Newark code: 31C0585
4 x AAA cells
Plastic box 145 x 80 x 30 or bigger
Wheels to fit Gearmotors