Planning Your Event

Registering Your Event

To register your Extended event, please fill out this form. After you've completed your form, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from letting you know that you've become an official part of I/O Extended.

Registering Your Participants

Registration will be limited to the capacity of each event space. A light filter should be used when registering developers for the event to ensure that the right audience attends.

Each location will be responsible for putting together their own registration/site page (a Google Form works just fine). We will put a link to all the Google I/O Extended registration sites up on the Google I/O site when they're ready.

Sample Registration Form Questions:
  • Name
  • Company
  • Contact Info
  • What Google tools are you using?
  • How are you using Google tools?
Spreading the Word

After filling out the registration form above, you'll receive an email with instructions to get your event featured on the I/O website.


The timing most events will correspond to the keynote (9am PDT on June 27), regardless of the local time. A replay of the keynote will be available within 24 hours after it completed, for those who need to choose a different day and time for their event. Each location can pick which day (June 27, 28, and/or 29) they would like to host their Google I/O Extended event.

Each office can dictate what the agenda should be for their I/O Extended event. 

Here is a sample agenda for an office that wants to focus their I/O Extended event on Android developers.