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Insanely Complicated Subject Made Easy
Here is my attempt to make some logical sense out of this craziness in easy to understand terms.  We have found doctors to be clueless on the need for iodine & selenium for the thyroid. They are also clueless about Fluoride in our water supply destroying our thyroidOur entire metabolism is controlled by the thyroid. This means body temperature. 

"Stop The Thyroid Madness" is our bible:
If you suspect thyroid problems then see the STTM Website first. IMO, you need to know about your condition so your Doctor does not rip you off with bad medications & inaccurate diagnosis.  

How The Thyroid Works 
Comparing the thyroid to a furnace & thermostat by Ginagirl & T2T at the Curezone

Violien from the Curezone has created this masterpiece, How the Thyroid Works.
She explains nearly everything, so I will just fill in the blanks. 


 If our body temperature is too low, then we suffer cold hands, cold feet, obesity, and being tired. There is a long & pathetic list of hypothyroid symptoms.  Hypothyroid is caused primarily by an iodine deficiency, but can be also be caused by Bromide, Fluoride or Chloride in our water & food. Dr. Brownstein states his Iodine Protocol can cure hypothyroid without drugs by detoxing our body & restoring iodine to every cell in our body, including the critical Thyroid. Our thyroid was designed to run on iodine - NOT DRUGS. See our testimonials, Hypothyroid for many success stories using iodine.

Hyperthyroid, (Graves Disease) Hashimotos, 
If our body temp is too high, then we are sensitive to heat, sweat a lot, hyper active. These conditions are also caused by an iodine or selenium Deficiency. The list of Hyper Symptoms

Violien (How the Thyroid Works Selenium plays two important roles in thyroid production/utilization:
  • It mops up excess hydrogen peroxide: Selenium (as a part of glutathione) is used to get rid of excess hydrogen peroxide in the thyroid cell. If selenium is low, some hydrogen peroxide will remain in the thyroid cell causing damage (oxidative stress). Hydrogen peroxide is the stuff that you can use to bleach your hair. It will do the same thing to your thyroid. Cells with too much damage will die. When too many cells die, thyroid hormone production will be impeded.
  • It facilitates T4 to T3 conversion in the body
This is why iodine without enough selenium will cause Hashimotos, hyperhyroid (graves disease) and why someone with Hashi should take selenium for a few weeks before taking iodine.

TSH - Bottom line Turn a deaf ear to this nonsense.
Not only are patients with OBVIOUS hypothyroid symptoms being told they have no thyroid problem because of a “normal” TSH, they are being held hostage to the TSH range when on thyroid medications, even though the patient continues to have typical hypothyroid symptoms. Not only has the TSH lab failed to reveal that we were ALREADY hypothyroid, it fails us when we are dosing our medication. In other words, the TSH is thoroughly unrelated to how we feel! 

Bottom line:   TSH lab gets an “F” on the thyroid report card, as do doctors who use it. Complete details:

Dr. Flechas
TSH going up when taking iodine can be expected because the brain is stimulating the body to make more sodium iodide symporters (NIS)…. but we have to recognize that this is not a bad thing. More details:

Dr. Tenpenny
In almost everyone, the TSH will go up while on iodine. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) increases the activity of the Sodium-Iodine Symporter (NIS) that drives iodine into the thyroid and into the cells of the other organs. That is the reason that the TSH blood levels increase when patients are taking iodine — the TSH is needed to drive iodine into the cells. More Details:

gives us the very best definition of TSH in her fantastic 
(How the Thyroid Works