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Notice! Due to a death in the family,  Iodoral may not be available, 

see Hakala Labs for reasonably priced alternatives ---

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Iodine How to Start Iodine Supplements

Boron References
Helps to detox Fluoride & many health advantages, recommended at the Curezone

Co-Supplements Research
Which iodine co-supplements are best ? Why each co-supplement is required.

Supplement Interaction chart.
Check all of your supplements against each other for adverse interactions.

Deficiency Symptoms

Detox Symptoms & Help

BEWARE - Candida could be involved in detox if you have ever taken antibiotics!
Detoxing Help

Introduction To Iodine

Iodine Instructions

  • Seafoods are not acceptable
  • Dosing procedures, details for tiny, low & high starting dosages
  • Iodine for the Fetus, Mothers & Children
  • Testimonials for high starting dosages
  • Which iodine is used by parts of the body
  • How Long does it take to get iodine sufficiency
  • Where to get iodine outside the USA
  • Recipes to make your own iodine - Saves 90%


Recommended Reading Research Reports

We are suffering from TMI - Too much information. If you want to dig deeper, please see our "Recommended Reading." Contains all of our Doctor Research Reports that verify what we are saying about iodine. Search quickly through this document with Ctl + F key held down together.

History of Iodine

For 125 years, iodine was THE  major medicine
Iodine Historical Museum iodine history by Laura (Wombat @ The Curezone)
Politics of Iodine - The Iodine Conspiracy - CZ Discussion
Iodine Dosages in the 1930’s - Dr. Sircus

References:  This is our old original Iodine References File.

Survey Says:
82.9% report health benefits from iodine -,101,721&s=47&u=1

Testimonials Suggest That Iodine is a Miracle 
Hundreds of unsolicited testimonials organized by subject

Testing for Iodine Levels

The simple Spot Test (not accurate)
The Urine Loading Test (USA) is recommended. Loading test in the UK 
How long does it take to become iodine sufficient
It is recommended to also do the Bromide & fluoride tests

PH Recommendations for Iodine + Optimal Health

Why Dr. Brownstein wants optimal body pH (Acidic-Alkaline Balance)

Curezone pH Discussion Forum

Wombat's Iodine Skin Cream and Iodine Salve

Laura brews her skin cremes on a cyclical basis so product is not available to order until it is brewed, to insure freshness.

Email to be added to her mailing list. 

She will notify you when products are available....

hi-odine skin cream, Iodine salve, and much more.

Product Details will be sent in email when available. She also posts a message at the Curezone when she starts brewing, so watch for her message.

No Health claims can be legally made for iodine cream or iodine salve. However that does not stop delighted customers from submitting unsolicited testimonials seen in our testimonials file under "Iodine Skin Cream."

It is surprising how many uses her customers have discovered for her Hi-Odine cream & iodine salve! I love it for my poor old feet and to prevent Jock Itch.


Additional Guides To Iodine - How to take Iodine

Questions & Answers on Iodine

There is so much more.

We are already suffering from TMI - Too much information. There is far more exciting information available on the internet. Unfortunately, there are also gross lies & distortions about iodine designed to frighten us.  

I suggest focusing only iodine reports from Qualified Doctors: 

Abraham, Brownstein, Cousens, Flechas, Derry, Davis, & Tenpenny 

for honest & accurate information about iodine. 

Google Search for: doctorsName  iodine subject 

EG) "Brownstein Iodine Thyroid"

IMPORTANT ! CAUTION ! - People do experience SERIOUS problems when taking iodine without the required co-supplements, especially selenium, and this is why iodine has such a bad reputation on the internet.

NEVER take iodine without also taking 200mcg selenium & the other required co-supplements,

Problems or suggestions?

Leave a message for Grizz at the Curezone

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