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Best Selling Book by Lynne Farrow
Bottom line up front: As Author Lynne Farrow said in her book, 
My 2+ years of research has proven her to be correct on everything she says. 

Lynn tells her story here, also listen to her radio show.

 Summary up front: 
Our metabolism, immune system, hormones, brain, thyroid & reproductive organs all require iodine to be healthy. 
  • Every cell in our body requires iodine.
  • Our hormones require iodine
  • Our immune system requires iodine to fight off cancers & fungus.
  • Our brain requires iodine for memory & clear thinking.

Listing the major Iodine Deficiency Diseases reported by iodine doctors.

Iodine is not a cure-all, it only helps with a limited list of health problems:

  • Thyroid Problems

  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease

  • Ovary Cysts/fibroids (PCOS)

  • Cysts

  • Uterus fibroids/cysts/endometriosis

  • Stomach Digestion problems

  • Hormones unbalanced

  • Prostate, testes

  • Brain Fog, Depression

  • Related Cancers

  • Dry skin

  • Lung Congestion

Bodily liquids also suffer problems with iodine deficiency. Dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry lungs=lung congestion & tight chest, stomach acid problems. Unbalanced hormones can lead to vaginal dryness. There is much more, listed here, and as seen in our testimonials.

A Link to Candida has been discovered. 
Notice how many symptoms of Candida are the SAME as iodine deficiency symptoms. I am now convinced that Candida is a horrible subset of iodine deficiency - Grizz.

This entire website is here to prove these statements to be true. 
Qualified doctors supply all the information found at this website, including Doctors Abraham, Brownstein, Cousens, Flechas, Derry, Davis, & Tenpenny. You can review all of their source documents Here: http://tinyurl.com/Iodine-Reading
I make no medical claims whatsoever. I simply collect & present information from the Iodine Doctors that is publicly available to everyone on the internet.  

Mission Statement
  • Bring back Iodine as the Universal Medicine. Iodine was a major medicine for 150 years.
  • Train doctors on the importance of iodine for optimal health & treating deficiency disease
  • Eliminate the world wide iodine deficiency epidemic before I die of old age
  • Educate women worldwide on how vital iodine is for their health & for their babies health
  • Educate men on the importance of iodine for the testes & prostate
This seems to be Mission Impossible, but here we GO anyway ! 
With everyone's help to spread the word, we WILL succeed. Please forward this website to everyone on your email list, Facebook & twitter. There are BILLIONS of women suffering from the iodine deficiency epidemic that need our help. Use this website to write books & magazine articles  to help us get the word out.

How This Project Started
This began in 2012 as a simple message thread at Marks Daily Apple where we did research on iodine & posted our discoveries. We had entered into a hidden & censored world where each day was a revelation. As the months went by, we discovered that Iodine deficiency resulted in serious diseases, especially in women. Our members in this discussion group then started supplementing with iodine.  Soon, testimonials began coming in with miraculous cures to what became known as Iodine Deficiency Disease. We had discovered a Pandoras Box of disease caused by iodine deficiency. 
Within 6 months of starting iodine, I noticed my own prostate problems improving. Also after a year on 50mg iodoral, I discovered that adding 400mg of SSKI  had completely resolved my DECADES of problems with lung congestion & asthma- Grizz

Our Iodine Discoveries
  • Unknown to a majority of doctors - no longer taught in Med Schools
  • Expensive drugs & surgeries are being promoted to treat simple iodine deficiency diseases
  • Mastectomies are routinely being prescribed when iodine has been reported to be extremely effective for Fibrocystic Breast Disease - See our Testimonials. 
  • Our team at the Curezone then discovered the hidden & censored history of iodine. Shockingly, iodine has been THE MAJOR medicine used by doctors for over 125 years. 
  • Iodine used to be taught in all of the medical schools and used by doctors for all of the above listed diseases & more. 
  • One of our researchers at the Curezone provided us with a website called The History of Iodine
  • The revelations just kept pouring in as we rediscovered the hidden and censored history of iodine
  • Research being done by modern Iodine Doctors today is being ignored & censored. I have taken on the job to publicize their amazing research & results.
  • The iodine testimonials continue coming into the Curezone several times per month.

My reason for uncovering the hidden & censored secrets of Iodine
  • I found it outrageous that so many iodine deficiency diseases are being exploited with expensive drugs, radiation & surgeries. Exploitation of sickly people for obscene profits should be illegal. 
  • Women around the world should know how important it is to supplement with iodine to prevent disease. 
  • Mothers should know how important iodine is for the fetus & babies. 
  • We also need to make doctors aware of how important iodine is to treat deficiency disease.
  • We need to bring back iodine as the Universal Medicine that it has been for 125 years. 
  • We need to help author Lynne Farrow to eliminate the iodine deficiency crisis
Iodine is required by every cell in our body, and we must either eat a LOT of sea foods or take iodine supplements. Unfortunately, sea foods are contaminated by mercury, toxins and most recently radiation since Fukushima.

Be careful what you read on the internet

There are gross lies & distortions about iodine (and Selenium) designed to frighten people.  

I suggest focusing only iodine reports from Qualified Doctors: 

Abraham, Brownstein, Cousens, Flechas, Derry, Davis, & Tenpenny 

for honest & accurate information about iodine: 

Google Search for: doctorsName  iodine subject


People do experience SERIOUS problems when taking iodine without the required co-supplements, especially selenium, and this is why iodine has such a bad reputation. 

ALWAYS take the required co-supplements with iodine.

We live in a Sea of Toxins
Finally, we live in a sea of toxins that displace iodine from our body, making us even more iodine deficient. Dr. Brownstein recommends 50mg with co-supplements a day or even more in cases of deficiency disease to detox our body and replenish iodine to our cells. Detox symptoms are temporary and typically involve skin breakout, headache, & bloat. We can test for toxins & iodine sufficiency with the Iodine Loading Test.

If you find any problems in the many files provided here, or if you have suggestions, leave me a message at the Curezone Iodine Group.

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Disclaimer:  Always consult with your healthcare professional before taking supplements

We recommend working with an iodine trained ( or local Naturopathic/Holistic ) doctor.  Traditional doctors typically know nothing about iodine & were never trained on iodine in Med School.  They have deleted & censored their entire 100+ year history of iodine being a MAJOR medicine for most disease.  

This is a collection of publicly available files for educational use only. No claims for cures are being made by the author of this document. Use this information at your own risk. Nothing at this web site should be used as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor.