August 2013 Hayama




  • 2013/08/29 final result up!
    2013/08/29 provisional result up!
    2013/08/29 Todays protest time limit up!
    2013/08/28 allocation of 29th up!
    2013/08/28 Todays Protest hearing schedule
    2013/08/28 Rule 42 penalties 28th up!
    2013/08/28 Provisional result befor protest hearing up!
    2013/08/28 Todays protest time limit up!
    2013/08/27 allocation up!!
    2013/08/25 allocation up!
    2013/06/13 Invitation Letters Application Form for Japanese visa is available from "Entry Forms" page.

    2013/05/08 NOR, Form 2 and Charter boats Reservation & Payment Form 2 are amended.
    Early Arrival Accommodation Reservation Form can be downloaded from "Entry Forms" page.

    2013/02/25 NOR 15.4 and 15.5 are amended. 

    2013/02/21 Entry Forms are published and NOR is amended for the registry and the payment deadline.

    2013/02/15 Notice of Race is published.

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                    Performance Sailcraft Japan

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                   Japan Sailing Federation

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