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Lab pics

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
C127 Ramaley Hall, University of Colorado-Boulder
Campus Box 334, Boulder, CO 80309-0334
Phone: (402) 370-6749
Fax: (303) 492-8699

Smith Lab Home

 Andrea working with Sherry Hildreth of the Winkel Lab at Virginia Tech as part of an EDEN Exchange, Fall '14.
   Sweet Datura cake for Julia's birthday. Note fruit spine detail and leaf lobing. 
Roycella the hummingbird visiting I. gesnerioides on the roof of Ramaley! Summer 2014

Roycella also likes I. edule.  All Roycella photos by Winnie Ho.  
 Redstone meadery, 2014

Two of our great high school interns, Lauren and Hannah.  Summer 2014.  

  Congrats to Latifa and Rachel on their undergraduate theses!  And thanks to co-advisor Julie Stone. Busy lab! Summer 2014  
 Could that be a chromatogram? 

   It's a molecular-phylogenetics-of-Brugmansia cake for Julia's Birthday!  Fall 2013  
One answer to the age old question -- how do you move 100 Iochromas across the country?

New lab at CU-Boulder, lots to do!  (August 2013)


                         Farewell Pizza at Yia-Yia's for our great high school summer interns, Daisy and Jackie (July 2013)

                      Ice cream run to Ivanna Cone (Brandan, Ellen, Rachel, Jackie, Daisy, Nate, Dan; June 2013)
        Contra-dancing at the Auld Center (Spring 2013)



Summer 2012 -- we work it!

It's a bonanza of pipetting - Spring Break 2013

Lab meeting was here..

2012 Springtime in the sunken gardens -- wow!