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Daniel J. Gates

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
C127 Ramaley Hall, University of Colorado-Boulder
Campus Box 334, Boulder, CO 80309-0334
Phone: (402) 370-6749
Fax: (303) 492-8699




Daniel J. Gates

Ph.D. Student

Office: 316 Manter Hall


Dan's Website



Educational Background:



B.S., Animal Ecology, Iowa State University, 2007



M. S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Iowa State University, 2009


Ph. D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, expected 2016



Research Interests:



population genetics, phylogenetics, plant-pollinator interactions







Gates, D. J. and J. D. Nason. Flowering asynchrony and mating system affects reproductive assurance and mutualism stability in fragmented fig-fig wasp populations. American Journal of Botany 99:757-768.  



Current Projects: 



Phylogenomic approaches to detecting hybrid speciation in Iochroma 



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