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Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
C127 Ramaley Hall, University of Colorado-Boulder
Campus Box 334, Boulder, CO 80309-0334
Phone: (402) 370-6749
Fax: (303) 492-8699


11/6/14: Dan attends the Ecological Genomics meeting in Kansas City and his poster scores a highlight in the Molecular Ecologist Blog! 

10/1/14: Andrea heads to Virginia Tech to spend three weeks analyzing Iochroma flavonoids with HPLC-MS in the Winkel Lab with funding from the EDEN network

9/27/14: Amanda Malone and Keric Lamb are both awarded BURST funding from the Biological Sciences Initiative to fund their research working with Andrea on the white flower project.  Congrats!

9/15/14: Julienne spends a week in Ann Arbor, MI, as a participant in the Open Tree of Life Hackathon. 

7/28/14: Stacey talks about modes of flower color evolution at the Botany meetings in Boise, Idaho, and receives the 2014 BSA Emerging Leader Award.  Thanks, BSA!

6/20/14: Winnie, Julienne, Stacey and Dan go to Evolution 2014 in Raleigh, NC, bringing news about molecular evolution, flower color convergence and the genetics of species differences.  

5/4/14: Latifa completes her honors thesis on evolutionary rate variation in CHI and F3H, and prepares to head off to medical school.  Best of luck, Latifa!

5/1/14: Julia sweeps the graduate research grants with awards from the EBIO department, the CU Natural History Museum, the American Society of Plant Taxonomists, the Torrey Botanical Society, and the microMORPH research coordination network!  With this support, she will spend the summer studying daturas with Mark Olson and Robert Bye at UNAM and also travel to Ecuador in January to work on Brugmansia.  Congrats, Julia!

4/8/14: Rachel successfully defenses her honors thesis to the UNL Biochemistry department.  A great way to cap off four years of excellent undergraduate research!

1/10/14: New year, new locales.  Stacey visits herbaria in Cuba and the Dominican Republic to learn about cool Solanaceous radiations in the Antilles while Julienne heads to Mexico and Colombia to study CestrumJuanulloa, and Plowmania!


12/9/13: Congratulations to Jeffrey who was awarded funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) to work on the evolution of pigmentation genes with Winnie!

11/12/13: Great article about Latifa's work in
UNL Today!

11/4/13: Congrats to Dan -- the first student from the lab to advance to doctoral candidacy!

10/17/13: Stacey heads to the cloud forests of Yanachaga-Chemillen to hunt for Solanceae with Peruvian botanists Segundo Leiva and Marco Cueva Manchego.  

10/8/13: Hanna Biagnini-Lee and Dan Jackson are both awarded BURST funding from the Biological Sciences Initiative to kickstart their research working with Julienne on the red flower project.  Congrats!

8/15/13: The Smith lab moves to the University of Colorado-Boulder and is joined by new postdocs Julienne Ng and Winnie Ho! 

7/25/13: Dan and Julia headed to the Botany Meetings in New Orleans to present posters about MYB gene family evolution and Datureae phylogeny, respectively.  Their travel was supported by BSA and ASPT!

6/23/13: Nate co-organized a symposium on bats and hummingbirds as pollinators at the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation meetings in Costa Rica.

6/21/13: Stacey spoke in the first ever 
SSB Phylogenetics Workshop at the Evolution meetings.  Big thanks to Bryan Carstens for organizing! You can download her talk on the Links page.

6/20/13: Julia traveled to Harvard's Arnold Arboretum to participate in the graduate course on Plant Morphology: Linking Phenotype to Development taught by Pam Diggle, Ned Friedman and Peter Endress.  Spot her in the news feature here.

4/24/13: Rachel gave an oral presentation of her research at the 123rd Annual Meeting of the 
Nebraska Academy of Sciences and won the 2013 award for outstanding undergraduate research in biology!   Congratulations!

4/12/13: Julia's poster on Datureae won the second place prize in the EEB section at the 35th Annual Biology Graduate Student Symposium at UNL.  Way to go!

4/11/13: Latifa was awarded a travel grant to attend the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) meeting in Chicago this summer.  She'll present a poster on her cool project on the evolution of anthocyanin genes in blue and white flowered species of Solanaceae.  

3/11/13: Dylan was picked for the 
SBS spotlight on a student and uses the forum to express his love for molecular evolution.  Yes!

3/6/13: Richard leaves us to get ready for the arrival of his first child and starting medical school!  Brandan Dinkelman, a senior in Biological Sciences with a minor in Biochemistry, joins the lab.

12/20/12: Nate accepts a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Biology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis!  We hope he gets a big place, so we can all come visit.

11/30/12: Dan is awarded a travel grant to attend the upcoming Symposium and Workshop on New Methods for Phylogenomics and Metagenomics organized by Dr. Tandy Warnow at UT-Austin!

9/25/12: Rachel wins second place at UNL's Life Sciences Symposium Poster competition.  Way to go!

9/10/12: Latifa was selected to be a UNL UCARE ambassador to introduce new students to the undergraduate research experience.  Yay Latifa!

8/20/12: Nate heads to Panama to collect Burmeistera along the border with Colombia!

7/12/12: Julia Dupin from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, joins the lab as our newest graduate student.

Dan, Nate, and Stacey travel to Ottawa for the Evolution meetings to talk about species trees, plant-pollinator interactions, and the molecular evolution of pigment genes, respectively. Allez!

6/8/12:  Stacey heads to Costa Rica to spend a week at Las Cruces Biological Station with the OTS Plant Systematics Course.  Botanizing and phylogenetic theorizing ensued!

6/6/12: Congratulations to Nate, who was just awarded a 2-year Program of Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship in Population Biology to study speciation in Burmeistera!  And that crazy bat of his is back in the news at USA Today!

5/10/12: Congratulations to Dan, who was awarded an American Society of Plant Taxonomists Graduate Research Award for his work on hybridization in Iochroma! Thanks, ASPT!

4/23/12: Dan has been chosen to be a developer in this years' Google Summer of Code through NESCent. Go Dan!

4/19/12: Congratulations to Rachel, a 2012 Goldwater Scholarship Winner! See the press 

3/30/12: Congratulations to Latifa Obaidi and Dylan Carter who were both awarded UCARE funding for next year!

3/30/12: Nate has just been awarded an Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) fellowship! Read about his EOL project here.


6/1/2011: Welcome to Dan Gates, formerly of the Nason Lab, who is starting his PhD work in the lab this summer.

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