Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
C127 Ramaley Hall, University of Colorado-Boulder
Campus Box 334, Boulder, CO 80309-0334
Phone: (402) 370-6749
Fax: (303) 492-8699

Welcome to the Smith Lab!

Our research centers on floral diversification, with an emphasis on Neotropical Solanaceae (tomato family). This work combines evolutionary genomics, phylogenetics, biochemistry, comparative methods, and pollination ecology to investigate broad evolutionary questions, such as:
    • Do floral traits show repeated patterns of change across phylogenies?
    • To what extent are these floral shifts driven by changes in pollination systems?
    • What kinds of genetic changes underlie floral variation within populations and between species?
    • How do these microevolutionary factors affect macroevolutionary patterns of trait evolution?
For more information on specific areas of research, visit our research page.