International Students' Exchange Policy


International Exchange Programs provide broad based benefits to students where they get the opportunity to seek international exposure and acquaint themselves with new cultures and global educational standards. Such activities are important part of overall development of a student giving them awareness and help adopt alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning. With changing global economical conditions, international exchange programs are becoming viable and effective prospects of learning and gaining international exposure.



Bahria University supports outbound exchange program for their students in order to add an international perspective to their education. Under this activity, students are allowed to spend one or more semesters in an HEC recognized international educational institute/university. Following policy will apply to students going abroad under outbound exchange program: 

1.1       The student must seek permission from the University prior going for any   outbound exchange program. Such requests should be forwarded through the     Head of Department and Director Campus to the International Office. The International Office will forward it for approval of Competent Authority through Director Academic Affairs, Director Examinations, Registrar and Pro-Rector. 

1.2       The student must freeze their semester at Bahria University prior going for the       outbound exchange program.

1.3       There will be no tuition fee charged for freezing the semester for Universities         with whom Bahria University has signed agreement for students’ exchange.

1.4       The decision on duration & number of semesters to freeze is to be taken     according to number of days the student will spend abroad on exchange program. The student must adhere to departure and return dates as specified by the University.

1.5       The duration of the semester(s) studied abroad will not be counted towards           the calculation of time bar.

1.6       Transfer of Credits as a result of an Outbound Exchange Program:

1.6.1    Transfer of credits will only be allowed from institution/universities            recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

1.6.2    Credits will be transferred only for Degree level programs (equivalent to similar level program at Home University) offered on campus. 

1.6.3    Students applying for transfer of credits have to, in all cases, fulfill the basic eligibility criteria as prescribed for the relevant academic program.

1.6.4    Credits for only those courses will be transferred for which a course with   similar  standard, duration, credit hours and matching description is     available in the relevant academic program of Bahria University and the       applicant has secured minimum C+ grade. The equivalence committee will      scrutinize credit transfer under these guidelines.

 1.6.5   The courses must equate in description and laboratory work, if any, with the similar course of the relevant academic program of Bahria   University.

1.6.6    The duration of the course must be same or more than the duration of course in the Bahria University program.

1.6.7    Students should have secured at least CGPA 2.50/4.0 in case of semester   system and 50% in case of annual system. The documents provided in this regard will be scrutinized on its face value.

1.6.8    A maximum of 50% of the total credit hours of the relevant academic program (for semester system) of Bahria University are allowed for transfer.

1.6.9    Students applying for transfer of credits are to submit original interim transcripts of the foreign university, course outlines and to deposit      Rs.3,000/- per course as processing fee.

1.7       Students who have studied for more than a year (at least two semesters) at Bahria University shall only be allowed for an outbound exchange       program.

1.8       All expenditures (lodging, ticket, etc) of outbound exchange students will be borne   by students themselves.


Inbound exchange activities allow students studying in international educational institutes/universities to study one or more semesters at Bahria University. The following policy will apply for inbound exchange program:

2.1       Inbound exchange program will only be allowed for students from international educational institutes/universities recognized by HEC.

2.2       The decision for enrolling students under inbound exchange program will be taken by Bahria University on case to case basis depending on following factors:

2.2.1    The student must have secured at least CGPA 2.50/4.0 in case of semester system and 50% in case of annual system. The documents provided in this regard will be scrutinized on its face value.      

2.2.2    The student must submit a letter ensuring consent of his/her home   university to study at Bahria University under exchange program.

2.2.3    The student must be a regular student of his/her home university.

2.2.4    The student should be fluent in English language.

2.3       The student will be awarded official interim transcript for the courses he/she will study at Bahria University under the inbound exchange program.

2.4       Tuition fee will be charged as per prevailing rate for the courses studied at Bahria University.

2.5         All expenditures (lodging, ticket, etc) of inbound exchange students will be borne by students themselves.

 3.0       The above mentioned International Student Exchange Policy has been approved vide agenda item 5 of 16th Academic Council Meeting held on 20th-21st July 2011.