Ioannis Savvidis

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June: Participation with drawings @ Ikastikos
Kiklos DL gallery, booth @ Art Athina
art fair
, Athens

June: Participation @ Das Element der Veränderung,
@ the Obdachlosen Wohnhaus in Berlin-Moabit
with my new work Pilzkultur
. See also: Ortstermin Moabit
Curated by Alexandra Roth-Belkova and Lina Theodorou

May: Participation @ Grayscale, Ikastikos Kiklos DL
Gallery, Athens

April/May: Participation @ Friedman Projects with
Silver Patrol, a common video project with Lina
Theodorou. The work will be shown in a loop during
the Gallery Weekend Berlin


December: Participation @ Size matters?, a group
exhibition show @ Ikastikos Kiklos DL Gallery,
Athens, Greece

May: Participation @ Survey, a group retrospective
show taking part @ Art Athina art fair in Athens, Greece
curated by Gallini Notti


December: Participation @ Back to basics: Uncanny.
A group show curatd by Artemis Potamianou,
ENIA gallery, Piraeus, Greece

February: participation @ the PIGS Exhibition,
ArtIum Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. Arranged by Artspirators.
Curated by Blanca de la Torre


Aug: Participation @ the Rizoma Group show,
Museu do Estado do Pará, Belém/Brazil.
Curated by M.Juef and R. Schuetz

Sept: Participation at the Berliner Liste Art fair @
Medienwerkstatt's video program, Berlin

June: Participation with drawings @ Zina Athanassia-
dou's Gallery booth and with an art documentary @
ArtSpirator's booth, Athens


November: Curating (together with Lina Theodorou
and Nelja Stump) and participation with "Silver Patrol"
(video in collaboration with Lina Theodorou) @ Bienal
de la Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires

November: Solo show (with Lina Theodorou) @
Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki

June: Solo show in corporation with Lina Theodorou
@ the 48 Stunden Neukoelln Art Festival presented
@ Ex L&G Security Art Bar, Berlin

une: Co curator and participation @ the video show
Das Andere Wo, OFF Space, Vienna

April: Participation @ The Rule of Law at the Nicos Kessanlis
Exhibition Hall (ASFA University), Athens

April: Participation @ Experiments In Cinema, Albuquerque/USA


December: Participation @ the  Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrade/Serbia.

July: RefugeProject, group show @ the Adamas WW II shelter, Milos/Greece

May: The Artist & the Practice, group show @ Gallery Vamiali's,

April: Ur, group show @ InteriorDaSein Artist space, Berlin


November: Cocaine blows my brain, one night show
@ Spor Klübü, Berlin

October: Participation in Samkura - A journey,
State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

May: Participation in Holidays in Greece @ Studio Visits, Berlin

March: Participation in Nomadics, Supermarkt, Berlin

March: Art work donation for AthensPride
, Gallery Breeder, Athens

January: Participation in 1000 Meisterwerke & Neue Duelle,
artist's salon "Murid Bosh", Berlin


May: Participation @ Epekeina, Athens Cultural Centre

February: Participation in Against All Odds,Ethics/Aesthetics,
Exarchia and Benaki Museum, Athens


November: Participation in Stranded in the future,
one night group show @ Spor Klübü
, Berlin

July: Participation in OTHERS, Riso Museum, Catania

The group show "The Element of Change" ("Das Element der Veränderung") took part in a homeless house in Berlin Moabit while the Ortstermin-Art festival in Berlin- Tiergarten in 2018, organized by "the Glass Project" and curated by Alexandra Roth-Belkova and Lina Theodorou.
These pics show my interactive installation "Pilzkultur"

The group show called "Size matters?" ist the opening show of the new Athens gallery Ikastkos Kiklos DL run by the well known art dealer Dimitris Liberopoulos during the Athens Gallery Walk 2017. Here you see 4 of 7 drawings from the series Hacking truth, the neoclassical scapes.

Artspirators is invited to present their at collaborations (among others also Lina Theodorou and my work Eriflap) in a common video-audio program at the PIGS show @ Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz/Spain

Presentation of the first part of the collaborative work of Lina Theodorou and me The couple with the Imagina, at Rizoma group show, in Museu do Estado do Pará, Belém/Brazil

View of the exhibition space of Medienwerkstatt @ Berliner Liste 2015, Former Heizkraftwwerk Mitte, Berlin. Lina Theodorou and me showed our collaborative video Silver Patrol

Presentation of the video compilation The Other Where (extract) @ the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento Buenos Aires

Opening of the solo show (togehter with Lina Theodorou) @ Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki

of the multimedia show Unheimliche Monster shown within the 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival presented @ Ex L&G Security Art Bar, Berlin

The Festival Hall Entrance, Belgrade/Serbia. Participation @ the the  Alternative Film/Video Festival with my film project The Residency (world premiere within a cinema context). Selected in "the Most Valuable Films" List 2013.

Opening of Ur, a group show @ InteriorDaSein Project space, Berlin

For Cocaine blows my brain shown for only one night @ the Spor Klübü project space in Berlin, I edited the music video Anaconda

Samkura - A journey
took place in the Center of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki
(SMCA). I showed my video production The Residency

My participation for Nomadics shown in the project space Supermarkt was a multipresented hate-love tribute to IKEA

The Wavemaker shown @ the Artists for AthensPride benefit show, Breeder Gallery, Athens

The KIMOLIA-Festival took part @ the Town hall (Kotzia) square in central Athens, using the tile grid
as frames. You can see me with the blue t-shirt working on the Grinia drawing.

My participation at the Epekeina program, at the Athens Cultural Center with my art work Neutral Eye Movement

My participation Against All Odds workshop ended up with an collective installation presented in Exarchia, Athens
. The yellow object (the Pee-point pilot study) is mounted at the back wall. Shown @ the Benaki Museum, Athens

Part of the Others exhibition at the Museo Riso, on the left one of the three maps of Athenscope

Stranded in the Future
took place in Spor Klübü project space, Berlin

Opening of Space is the Place @ the Art space About, in front: Regilla's Triangle