Taking Large-Scale Applications Offline - Lessons Learned from Google Docs

Steven Saviano (Google)

Building offline applications can certainly be a challenge. But what happens when you have to scale the application to millions of users, continuously support regular application upgrades seamlessly, integrate with other offline apps, and handle your servers living in a modern-day production environment?

Google Docs Offline was released in April to millions of users and had to handle all of these issues. While building Docs Offline, the team had to deal with...
  • Versioning and phased rollouts: what to do when you can't assume all servers have the same code
  • Integration with other offline-enabled applications
  • Log-in, log-out and single sign-on
Come learn what you can do to make your application robust enough to solve these challanges. Participants should have prior knowledge of JavaScript and Google Gears . . . and used Google Docs Offline. :)