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Instant Win Basket Toss Qualifiers

At Inland North West Series events we will qualify 10 throws for the Toss Off at Flippen Ze Disc.  The closest to the pin at FZD will take home a brand new DGA basket.  OR  Throw an ACE at one of the qualifying rounds and Instantly Win a brand new DGA basket (one basket per event).
We qualified 15 players at the LCO because it was involved in two different series Toss-Offs and cost twice as much to play.
Two qualifiers at the TimberBeast Challenge hit the chains during the CTP qualifing, unfortunately neither toss managed to land in the basket. 
Ten spots were qualified at the Nuclear Meltdown.  Kevin Holmes and Ken Wood have the most qualified throws at 5 each over the entire series.  The 65 qualifiers are listed in the attachment below.
Ten more qualifiers were added at the Chump Challenge bringing the total to 75 throws at the finals.  Gordy threw one qualifier to tie up Homey and Wood with 5 throws each.
I'm adding a PDF version of the Excel file for those that can't open Excel.
Bob Perrewe,
Aug 2, 2010, 5:34 PM
Bob Perrewe,
Aug 2, 2010, 5:34 PM