Welcome to our Erasmus+ Project 
The purpose of our project is to improve the basic skills of our students in general but paying special attention to competencies in languages and new technologies that will provide them the possibilities of insertion in the world of work and will improve the attainment of young people and will enhance their motivation for learning .

Project Objectives:

  • Compare our methodologies and our Educational systems to draw conclusions.
  • Design and share activities to be done in class
  • Detect our students interests & skills
  • Prepare our students to face their future employement

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Project Meeting in Vaasa Project Manager 3.) Closed 3.) High November 5, 2014 100% 
European Webquest creation Spain 3.) Closed 4.) Critical November 17, 2014 100% 
Blog design Spain 3.) Closed 4.) Critical November 14, 2014 100% 
European Countries Webquest Implementation  everybody 3.) Closed 2.) Medium December 19, 2014 100% 
eTwinning project creation Greece & Spain 3.) Closed 1.) Low January 13, 2015 100% 
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  • Project Plan has been updated New project plan has been uploaded to Project Documents area.
    Posted Nov 2, 2014, 3:26 AM by Carmen Torres
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