Inviting Reconciliations

Inviting Reconciliations 
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You are invited and together we will find,


Starting authors assumed name: Manfraco Laws and Fra Mench; email address,

 Manfraco Laws:
Finding Future Universal Reconciliations.


This document is being created in the hope that we would be able one day to discuss our differences and so be able to find a way on how to achieve Future Universal Reconciliations; in the hope that we would be able to improve the living standard of future generations. 
In order to start these discussions and reconciliations happening I am going to publish this document on the Internet, in the hope that lots of people will read it and be willing to help, so that the people of this world would be able to work together for the future betterment of all humanity. 
People's leaders----Just people

Therefore, as I said above, I intend to share this document on the Internet with lots of people, and ask them if they would like to contribute their own ideas and their own beliefs on how we may be able to achieve just any sort of Universal Reconciliation to start with. 

Anyone wanting to contribute is welcome to do so, and may be able to do it by email just to get it going until a better way is found; the email address is:


You are all welcome to email your ideas.  

And I will try to answer your email the best way I can.

 Sign by, Manfraco. 

Remember this, by helping others you may be able to help also yourself.
Those who try to follow other people ideas without questioning those ideas may be called fools: But those who learn other people ideas reflects on those ideas and questions those ideas until they understand them one day they may become wise people.
The god of Wisdom

My views about wisdom:  

Wisdom is the mental capacity of a wise person, whom when confronted with a problem is able to solve it better then the average person.

His/her wisdom is usually an accumulated knowledge of all those events that this person has lived during his/her life; therefore this wise person is capable somehow of using this accumulated knowledge, and when a problem arises he/she would be able to solve it better than the others.

I don’t know exactly why one wise person becomes wiser than somebody else, even though they might have lived most of the same events together, so, I guess that some people are better able to assimilate their knowledge, perhaps by storing the knowledge at the highest level in their own mind, so, when the need arises they are able to use this accumulated knowledge.

Since wisdom (accumulated knowledge) may be stored at one level higher that just what we call reason, it may seem and feel like a sixth sense to the wise man that has it. So, I would say that the wise man would use reasoning just to back up his wisdom.

There is also a small possibility that the wise person may be able to tune into the cosmos, which is thought that it may be able to store the entire accumulated knowledge of everything just like God, this thought of course gives rise to this question.

Is the cosmos an integral part of God of the universe? Well it may be part of God.

But here we are talking about wisdom and not God. So the definition of wisdom and where it comes from remains a mystery to me also.

These are my personal views about Wisdom. What are yours? If you have a strong view about wisdom I would like to know.  

Has we all know, past religious leaders did not try hard enough to reconcile to each others; but today it seems that the time has come when it will be necessary to overcome these differences, otherwise the people of the future in this world will not follow religions willingly.
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