invisik's tech notes

19 Oct 2007 from local

Installed SLED 10 SP1 on a HP 6710b Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz (RM344UA) this evening.  Installs fine from original SP1 DVD. All common hardware supported properly out of the box except video.  Novell has an updated Intel widescreen video driver for it located here.  Works great as described at proper resolutions 1680x1050.

29 Jan 2007 from local

Please see our notes on SUSE Linux on the HP nc2400 ultra light notebook. 

28 Jan 2007 from local

By default, Evolution is the program that handles e-mail in Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.  Evolution is a very good mail client, but if your company uses GroupWise (and you the GroupWise client) that doesn't really work for you.  Here's how to set GroupWise as your default mail client:

Click the Computer Menu, then Control Center
Under System, click Preferred Applications
Click the Mail Reader tab
Click the radio button for Custom and enter this as the command:

/opt/novell/groupwise/client/bin/groupwise %s

...if your GroupWise client is installed in the default location.

Now, when you click a "mailto:" link in a web page, it will start a new message in GroupWise.

20 Jan 2007 From local

Please see our review of the HP Proliant ML350 and SLES 10.

18 Nov 2006 From local

HP has quite a few SLED certified laptops, but they don't talk about it enough.

 7 Nov 2006  From  local

When installing iFolder 3 from Open Enterprise Server Linux install xsp from SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) media instead of the one that comes in the ifolder3 package.  Software Update can't seem to update the xsp that comes with iFolder. -m
6 Nov 2006:  From

Q:  How to change the default Welcome page on Novell Open Enterprise Server.

A:  The welcome page is actually the 403 Forbidden error page for the main folder. Simply put an index.html in /srv/www/htdocs and it'll change to that easily.

/srv/www/htdocs is your default DocumentRoot as well


gives us the answer:

ErrorDocument 403 /welcome/

sets the path, and then
Alias /welcome "/var/opt/novell/tomcat4/webapps/welcome"

later in the file points that alias to the webapp


30 Oct 2006  From

Q:  I've seen the screenshots online of xgl / compiz that have backgrounds behind the cube. How can I do that with SLED 10?

A:  That is the skydome. It can be accessed though the gconf-editor

(1) ALT F2
(2) gconf-editor
(3) apps, compiz, plugins, cube, screen0, options
(4) Check the skydome option and the skydome_animated option if you want the image to move while rotating the screen.
(5) The skydome_image option need to be in .png format


5 Apr 2006 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Starter Pack for GroupWise 7.0
5 users free! Get it. Use VMware Server to host it.  Runs great in ESX.


4 Apr 2006 iFolder server now open source.  Sweet.