Imagine you were energy minister of Sweden.

What energy sources would you invest in? Could you balance the cost and energy needs of cities and factories? VisibEL puts you in that situation!

VisibEL is an educational, tangible game that models the electricity production in Sweden. You gain energy by attaching (building) phicons of hydro, coal or nuclear power plants on the desired locations on the map. You gain money by attaching (building) factory phicons. Your objective is to get enough power to light up your cities and by doing that learn about how electricity is produced and distributed.

The envisioned setting is in a classroom of 9-12 year olds. It should be used as part of teaching about energy. The kids use this game to deepen understanding and get a feel for the pros and cons of different power plants. It should be played with about 2-4 players that have to come to an agreement about what strategy to use.

Also the game is meant to entice a discussion about environmental effects both during the game play and even more importantly afterwards. Seeing the effect of ones decisions hopefully will give an understanding and help the remembrance of these factors.