So you want to change the world & be an advocate, right? Read this first :)

What I had to learn the hard way was that I could not "save" the continent of Africa, but more importantly, I could not even help in assisting these issues without any understanding of the continent, specific countries, conflicts, cultures, and people. Africa has so many rich cultures, traditions, and values, which are often blindsided by the relentless splurge of violence and conflict by the media. Before generating any ways to alleviate, notice I didn't say solve, you must be equipped with lots of knowledge regarding the particular issue about which you are passionate.

These three pages below are some resources that I recommend for individuals seeking to better understand African issues, including the complexities, history of conflicts and people, and players involved. Obviously, the books and documentaries have an expiration date because they cannot keep up with the daily happenings in the countries about which they wrote or filmed. However, these books and documentaries are great ways of developing a basis of understanding and then seeing the actual people involved through film. The websites then are the ways we can follow certain countries, communities, or individuals.