About Me

    Born a Hoosier and Mid-Westerner, I traveled outside of my comfort zone to the South to go to college at Elon University in North Carolina. Prior to Elon, I attended a screening of Invisible Children's documentary "Rough Cut," and discovered my interest in child soldiers and in Africa. Upon coming to Elon, I realized that no chapter of the national non-profit Invisible Children was at my university. Thus, I founded a chapter at Elon and began recruiting members and becoming more involved in the issues facing children in Africa.
    As I became more knowledgable and passionate, I applied for the Lumen scholarship, which is a prestiguous two-year research project for undergraduate students to complete their junior and senior year with a generous prize of $15,000 to pursue their proposals. I was fortunate to gain acceptance into the first group of Lumen scholars with the proposal of researching children's human rights violations in Africa. This undergraduate project has led me to study abroad in Lithuania and South Africa, interview African refugees in Greensboro, NC, watch and read countless documentaries and books concerning my topic, and become the most knowledgeable expert I can about African children and their condition in their respective country.
    The culmination of my research has been to produce two research papers, a documentary, and two websites, and to present at three conferences in the Spring of 2010. As I approach my graduation date this May 2010, I am preparing for my next step to fulfilling my ambitions of being an advocate and activist for African children, which is to pursue work and volunteer experience in Africa. Follow where I end up in Africa and what I'm doing by clicking under Travel Log!

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