Compare Company with Industry

Mergent Online: Comparing a Company with the Industry Average
Getting Started:
  • Go to the Mergent Online database (use the link, or go the Library Web Page under Online Databases)
  • Click on the Enter Mergent Online button on the left side of the page
  • Enter your company in the "Identifier" search box (company name, ticker symbol, or code):
  • Click on the Create Reports tab
  • Under Create Reports, click on the Comparison Reports tab
Then Follow the Steps Below:
1. Click on the Compare Company Against Industry link on the page. This will display the Comparison Reporting Selection Screen window.
2. In the Select Comparison Report area, select the group of companies against which you wish to compare the currently selected company. Choose All Companies to do an industry-wide comparison to your company. You can also choose any of several given numbers of the top-performing companies or the worst-performing companies.
3. Check the box at the bottom next to Active Companies Only to make sure you are only using companies currently working in the marketplace
4. You will also probably want to check the box next to “Use extended report items”.  Clicking this box will bring up a new set of choices.
5. From the now-revealed Report Item Selection area, first choose your major category from the drop-down menu (Corporate Information, Financials or Ratios).
6. Then choose your sub-category (specific ratios or financial results)
7. Then Click Add Report Item to include it on your report.
8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each additional item you want on your Comparison Report.
9. IMPORTANT: Click the box next to “include average in the heading” (down near the bottom of the page, on the left side) to get the industry averages for your report.
10. When ready, choose Create Report to start the report generation process. This will display a report in a window.
11. When you have finished viewing the report, choose the Close Report button or the Close link to remove the report window. This will return you to the Comparison Reporting Selection Screen window, where you can create further reports if you wish.
12 When finished, choose the Close button to remove the Comparison Reporting Selection Screen window.