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    capital investment
  • Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income {dividend}, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. It is related to saving or deferring consumption.
  • (Capital Investments) Money used to purchase permanent fixed assets for a business, such as machinery, land or buildings as opposed to day-to-day operating expenses.
  • (Capital investments) providng workers with education, training, machines, and other tools to increase output.
  • (of a person) Not great in ability or talents
  • circumscribed: subject to limits or subjected to limits
  • small in range or scope; "limited war"; "a limited success"; "a limited circle of friends"
  • Restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short
  • (of a monarchy or government) Exercised under limitations of power prescribed by a constitution
  • express: public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops; "he caught the express to New York"
  • Buy (something) whose usefulness will repay the cost
  • make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
  • endow: give qualities or abilities to
  • Devote (one's time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result
  • Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture
  • furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
  • An elevation in the seabed or a riverbed; a mudbank or sandbank
  • A slope, mass, or mound of a particular substance
  • sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water); "they pulled the canoe up on the bank"; "he sat on the bank of the river and watched the currents"
  • The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake
  • tip laterally; "the pilot had to bank the aircraft"
  • depository financial institution: a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
invest capital investment bank limited invest capital investment bank limited - Zillionz Secret
Zillionz Secret Code Vault
Zillionz Secret Code Vault
The Secret Code Bank is ideal for kids who want a special place to keep their most precious things. Prying siblings, pets, and even parents are no match for this super secure safe, which is perfect for holding money, baseball cards, jewelry, and other little valuables. Just program the 4-digit secret code, and the vault is good to go. If an intruder comes along and enters the wrong pass code, the device will respond with a pesky alarm and flashing lights. That ought to give your child some much-deserved privacy! Ages 4 and up.

sky is the limit when you believe in yourself, when you are free, when your future is up to you. Explore #14 - 05.03.2012 Leica M6 + Summicron 35mm + Fuji Velvia 50
Limited Edition 1992 Mustang
Limited Edition 1992 Mustang
Limited 'summer' edition 1992 Ford Mustang 5.0 at the 2010 Carlisle All Ford Nationals