INVEST AFRICA INC., Diamond Division (IADD)

  • Invest Africa, Inc. (IAI) is a wholesaler exporter of Investment Grade Gem Quality Rough African Diamonds through its Diamond Division (IADD). Invest Africa is pleased to announce NEW allocations & activities:
  • Investor Grade Gem Quality Rough Diamonds are available from IADD's substantial reserve allocations. Producer acquisition pricing allows IADD to deliver to clients at very competitive market rates.
  • IADD wholesales investment grade gem quality rough diamonds to end-users/buyers, geared towards investment houses, hedgefunds, institutions and private investors for investment purposes and hypothecation as a bankable asset. 
Invest Africa, Inc. in Botswana works closely with Onkokame Kitso Mokaila, Botswana’s Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources. 
(see below link describing Botswana's diamond industry and its future)

Examples below are of past inventories available from our sources; New inventories are available continuously.

INVEST AFRICA, INC. (IAI) is pleased to announce its agency capability for Buyers interested in "Bidding" at the Rough Diamond Auctions held in Botswana:
  • The above and following material is an example of rough diamonds presented at Auction.
IAI opens up availability of cut gem diamonds from Dubai.

INVEST AFRICA DIAMONDS DUBAI Cut Polished; SALE: Ref-140721WA001.mp4

Invest Africa, Inc. (IAI) is an exporter of Investment Grade Gem Quality Rough African Diamonds. IAI is pleased to announce NEW allocated stockpiles of fresh Cut Gem Diamonds; Location: Dubai

As licensed diamantaires, Invest Africa, Inc. is able to offer several investor positions that will allow our clients to build and diversify their investment portfolios with the lucrative advantages of gem quality diamonds delivered at preferential prices.

Our diamond trade program is sustained by supply agreements the company holds with governments, indigenous site holders and Invest Africa, Inc. concessional holdings.

Acquiring Rough Gem Diamonds, Origin Africa

Invest Africa, Inc. Private Placement is offering 10% equity through a Reg D 506(c) Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for accredited investors.
Invest Africa, Inc., $10M Private Placement has 200 Convertible Notes at $50,000 each; Convertible to equity (1/4 note minimum)
"BUY NOW" below:
  • Invest Africa Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) payments for each Convertible Note may be submitted with the signature papers by bank wire, check or
  • Use account to submit payment with BUY NOW button above. (request bank wire info)
  • All endeavors are inclusive, past, present and future awards as a convertible Note holder in Invest Africa, Inc. offering.
Request the Invest Africa, Inc. PPM to participate in all Invest Africa, Inc. and Diamond Division activities.
The Notes offered pursuant to this Ten Million Dollar ($10,000,000 USD) Private Placement Memorandum will be secured by existing contracts and new contracts established initially for the "Good Delivery" of investment grade gem quality rough diamonds, for sale or enhancement.
Re-purchase or conversion of the notes into equity interests would be subject to actual profits and scheduled within the 1st year of successful acquisitions and sales.

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