Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Desk Review

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table is among the popular and value for money inversion therapy equipments. The inversion therapy is also known as because the anti-gravity therapy that is very best not just for therapy but also removing toxins in the body and assists enhance the blood’s circulation to the brain as well as other parts of the physique. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table also assists in the lymphatic drainage that is extremely helpful in treating problems of the spine and back.

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What the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table is created to assist those that requirements some therapy at the comforts of their home. Teeter Hang Ups is recognized within the industry for making inversion because 1981. The EP550 is one of the numerous inversions that anybody can select from when purchasing either in retail shops or online. Actually this version also has the Teeter Gravity Boots and also the EZ Stretch Traction apart from the “sporty” side from the equipment. It stands four.eight feet and can be extended into 6.6 feet and weighs 300 pounds.

When assembled its dimensions include 83 x 29 x 9 inches. When purchasing online any shopper can get it for $409 rather than its original price from $599. There's whooping $190 savings on each online shopper’s cash along with a guaranteed 5 years warranty for every item purchased online. Assembling is pretty easy and may be done below 20 minutes. This really is because of the fact that 90% of the materials are pre-assembled. Folding is just simple too and may be done below five minutes.

What the item provides:

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table offers a lot of issues such as the Flex technologies which provides larger range of motion when exercising or just stretching. It also has the ankle comfort dial that supports anyone with bigger or smaller feet. It makes the feet as comfy as you possibly can and secure so no injuries can happen when utilizing the equipment. Together with the ankle comfort dial are also the gravity boots that offers optimum assistance for the ankles and comfort. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table is very stable as it increases the A-frame base to about 20% if there's a stable floor for protection and avoiding sliding up in surfaces.

The head region contains the vibration cushion with ten motors vibrating the head along with a heater in order to help in blood circulation on the head region and also the vibration motors assists in relaxing the muscles. Anyone’s physique can slide effortlessly and help attain the very best decompressive stretch that is required by the physique. It also includes the EZ Stretch TM traction handles which benefits decompression and during stretching. Very best of all, you will find pre-set rotations for simpler therapy or stretching. The controls are removable and adjustable to effortlessly figure out how intense the therapy is.

The safety features of the EP-550 sports inversion is a lot improved with auto-locking hinges; there are also heat-treated parts on the steel, cam locks and even the specialized pivot bearings. The handles are also double coated and it has a de-rattler knob to ensure lengthy lasting gear. The equipment also comes having a DVD and 5 suggested routines for healthy back workouts. Ultimately for those who wish to pimp the inversion gear, they can do so since it is completely customizable and has accessories also.

The plus side:

a. Inversion assists in realigning the skeletal method. Furthermore it helps in hydrating the disc and assists in shock absorption in cases of falls and minor injuries. It also relieves nerve pressure as well as rejuvenating the joint by making it more flexible and covering much more range of movements.

b. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 inversion table has the Flex Technologies which moves along whenever you move therefore it opens higher range of motion and helps in realigning the spine and relaxes the tired muscles.

c. The engineering is precise and controls are as fluid as ever and it has precision balancing.

d. The most popular inversion tables there are these days.

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The downside:

a. Some individuals are complaining concerning the ankle pain. It's just normal since the human body is not utilized in hanging upside down.

b. The price might be as well a lot for other people even at a discounted price.

c. Others do not find the installation process easy.