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Inverine Marine

Consider what to do with 20,000 lakes, thousands of rivers, millions of miles of coastline  ... SCROLL DOWN 

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Opportunity Overview

Inverine Marine is in the startup phase of development. It is the intention of the proponent to create two companies that are highly integrated. The first company is a boat design and building company which is intended to be held as a proprietorship by the proponent. The second company is a tourism company that provides marine accommodations and access to British Columbia’s inland and coastal water ways, which is intended to be a Limited Company with partners and investors.

It will be Inverine Marine’s mission to grant access to the 20,000 lakes, thousands of miles of river, unlimited coastline and the most pristine wilderness on earth to fastest growing and most lucrative market in the tourism industry. This will be achieved with a cohesive, competitive and widely recognized offering. At the close of five years Inverine Marine will have two helicopters and 140 boats deployed accessing the pristine wilderness of British Columbia, all with self-directed patrons enjoying what this province has to offer. 

Please explore the subtitles under the Inverine Marine heading to familiarize your self with this opportunity. I am eager to get started, I hope you all are too. 

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