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What I Offer

You've worked hard each day to achieve excellence in your business; let me help by offering another perspective. The daily demands of business can obscure opportunities or solutions to the people embedded in an organisation, outsourced help brings operational innocence; offering an opportunity for another vantage point.

The past 10 years have given me the opportunity to donate time to the study of professional management as it relates to the execution of business and organisation. I offer you the view of a generalist; a global view built from details at one end of the continuum to societal trends at the other.

Organisations require specialists; equally important, however, is an interdisciplinary perspective to contribute to the creation of a cohesive and streamlined working entity. My background has given me years of hands-on experience and technical training, and the analytical skills required to assess your business. A keen interest in economics, politics and societal trends has informed my view of business and organisational dynamics in the context of the world at large.  

Personal Background…

Through the course of my working life, I've been exposed to every major industry in British Columbia; construction, tourism, forestry and agriculture is the primary source of my experience. I am college educated and learning new ideas and concepts is my passion. 

I have an excellent knowledge and skill set related to professional management which provides a working base for business development in general. I am also at home in the public relations sphere and have a thorough understanding of communications, marketing and public relations. 

The most exciting aspect of organisational participation is to look at the horizon, anticipate trends, and develop a course of action. An extension of this is to identify the viable confluence of technology and market, and then, using design thinking to develop a workable business model. 

I pride myself on good character, integrity and honesty – you can trust me to care for your interests. 

Professional Management: the deployment of human, physical & financial resources toward a desired end…