[1]     NONE SO FAR :)


[1]    Li Lu, Scott T. Block, David E. Duarte, Changzhi Li “A 0.45-V MOSFETs-Based Temperature Sensor Front-End in 90 nm CMOS With a Noncalibrated ±3.5°C 3σ Relative Inaccuracy From -55°C to 105°C,” Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 60, no. 11, pp. 771-775 Nov. 2013 [pdf][IEEE]


[1]     Yiran LiLi Lu, Scott T. Block, Changzhi Li, "Temperature Characteristics of Schottky Barrier Diodes for Low-Voltage Sensing Applications," IET Electronics Letters, Volume 48, Issue 7, p.406-408, 29 March 2012 [pdf][IET][IEEE].


[2]    Yiran, Li, Scott T. Block, Li Lu, Changzhi Li, "All-CMOS Low Voltage Temperature Sensor Front-End and Bandgap Circuit Using Bulk-Driven Technology,"Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Tech Conference, Austin, Tx, Sep. 2011[pdf]

[1]     Scott T. Block, Yiran Li, Yi Yang, Changzhi Li, “0.6-2.0 V, ALL-CMOS Temperature Sensor Front-End Using Bulk-Driven Technology,” IEEE DCAS 2010, Dallas, TX, October 17-18, 2010. [pdf] [IEEE]


[1]     Scott T. Block, Yiran LiChangzhi Li, “Low Voltage Temperature Sensor Front-End with Semi-Equiripple Voltage Reference,” unpublished. [pdf]

Works in Progress:

[3]    Currently working on.  Researching, designing, simulating, and building novel MEMs DC-to-DC converters.  Currently experimenting with MEMs relays built at UCBerkeley.  Dr. Alon's group [link] has been very helpful thanks to Matt [link].  I'm hoping to get relays soon from XCOM [link]... fabrication delays  

  • 24th of July, 2013 Buck Converter Test with MEMs emulation relays [MEMS_Vid3]
  • 11th of July, 2013 Relaxation Oscillator Test with MEMs emulation relays [MEMS_Vid2]
  • 26th of June, 2013 Experiment 1 test setup with MEMs emulation relays [MEMS_Vid1]
  • 15th of June, 2013 testing MEMs relays from Berkeley.  1Hz gate activation, better to watch the HD version [MEMS_Vid0]

[2]    Taking a back seat. Looking at the possibility of harvesting energy from electrostatic discharge (ESD) at the printed circuit board, microelectromechanical system, and IC levels.  Designing serval different passive and active possible methods and currently in the setup phase of my test bench for future circuit testing.

  • 21st of Feb, 2013: Messing around with Turboelectric effect [Vid7]
  • 31st of Jan, 2013: Video of Terminal Test w/ and w/o grounding 1 terminal [Vid6]
  • Video of Terminal Test with new Relay 4th of Nov., 2012 [Vid5]
  • Third Terminal Test of ESD discharge device [Vid4]
  • Current setup as of the 8th of Oct., 2012 [Vid3
  • Initial ESD discharge device tests and development [Vid0][Vid1][Vid2]

[1]   Currently on the back burner.  Looking into designing (Ultra-Low Voltage) Sub-Threshold Logic family... (some simulation, learning, and literature review).

Unfinished or Retired projects:  

[2]  No longer being pursued at this time...  Scott T. Block, Yiran LiChangzhi Li, Semi-configurable temperature sensor using Shottky diode array.  The fabricated chip in IBM 90nm process should be arriving Nov-Dec 2011.  

[1]  No longer being pursued at this time...  Scott T. Block, Yiran LiChangzhi Li,Semi-configurable temperature sensor using Schottky diode array.  The fabricated chip in AMI 0.5um process has arrived August 2011 (see image below).  

To see more information and views click on --> [details

Research vids:
Emulation Relays (MEMS like electrostatic relays)
BUCK DC/DC using emulation relay [vid]
On-demand Linear Regulator using emulation relay [vid]
Pull-In and Release voltage Test using emulation relay [vid]
Relation oscillator (didn't go into details) [vid]
DCVSL Oscillator Idea [vid]
Messing with Ultra Sound
Receiver Test [vid0,vid1,vid2,vid3]
Simple demo [vid]
Electrostatic Discharge
Spark Gap discharge test of setup 2... 1 of many... but probably my coolest [vid]
Spark Gap discharge test of setup 1... also 1 of many... [vid]
Pulse Spark Gap discharge test [vid]
Monte Carlo Simulation in Cadance [vid0,vid1]
First Fabricated Chip -> AMI 0.5um process, configurable temperature sensor
Master's Thesis -> Estimating volume of an object from two profile views
Detection based off smart marbles [vid0,vid1]
        3D tower recreation [vid]
3D recreation of a donut [vid]
3D recreation of a cylinder [vid0,vid1]

TAing vids:
Opamp, Band Gap, and Compensation demos via Cadance [vid0,vid1,vid2]
Dynamic Flip Flop [vid
Static Flip Flop [vid]
ENG100 lab3 
lab 3: expected output [vid]
more details [vid]
Introduction to using a bread board [vid]
EEC136 FSK w/ MYDAQ and 33120A Hewlet Packard Funk. Gen. [vid

Class vids:
EEC 213 ADC and DAC Converters, Final project: Sample and Hold Circuit with Boot Strapping [pdf]
Simple Motion Capture system
Recreating virtual segments [vid]
Back view segmentation [vid]
Side view segmentation [vid]
Raw video capture [vid]

Some Fun Project:
This page contains a list of some of the major projects I've done over the years.  I will add to this from time to time as often as I can.
Temp fix for electric oven using Pulse width modulation (PWM) to control temperature, improved version in vid1 [vid0,vid1,vid2]
Simple 2 USB switch for use with 2 computers [link]
First Youtube video ever --> Yes the Differential Axel of a car made with Legos [vid]