Research vids:
Emulation Relays (MEMS like electrostatic relays)
BUCK DC/DC using emulation relay [vid]
On-demand Linear Regulator using emulation relay [vid]
Pull-In and Release voltage Test using emulation relay [vid]
Relation oscillator (didn't go into details) [vid]
DCVSL Oscillator Idea [vid]
Messing with Ultra Sound
Receiver Test [vid0,vid1,vid2,vid3]
Simple demo [vid]
Electrostatic Discharge
Spark Gap discharge test of setup 2... 1 of many... but probably my coolest [vid]
Spark Gap discharge test of setup 1... also 1 of many... [vid]
Pulse Spark Gap discharge test [vid]
Monte Carlo Simulation in Cadance [vid0,vid1]
First Fabricated Chip -> AMI 0.5um process, configurable temperature sensor
Master's Thesis -> Estimating volume of an object from two profile views
Detection based off smart marbles [vid0,vid1]
        3D tower recreation [vid]
3D recreation of a donut [vid]
3D recreation of a cylinder [vid0,vid1]

TAing vids:
Opamp, Band Gap, and Compensation demos via Cadance [vid0,vid1,vid2]
Dynamic Flip Flop [vid
Static Flip Flop [vid]
ENG100 lab3 
lab 3: expected output [vid]
more details [vid]
Introduction to using a bread board [vid]
EEC136 FSK w/ MYDAQ and 33120A Hewlet Packard Funk. Gen. [vid

Class vids:
EEC 213 ADC and DAC Converters, Final project: Sample and Hold Circuit with Boot Strapping [pdf]
Simple Motion Capture system
Recreating virtual segments [vid]
Back view segmentation [vid]
Side view segmentation [vid]
Raw video capture [vid]

Some Fun Project:
This page contains a list of some of the major projects I've done over the years.  I will add to this from time to time as often as I can.
Temp fix for electric oven using Pulse width modulation (PWM) to control temperature, improved version in vid1 [vid0,vid1,vid2]
Simple 2 USB switch for use with 2 computers [link]
First Youtube video ever --> Yes the Differential Axel of a car made with Legos [vid]