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A little bit about my self

My name is Scott T. Block. I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  Worked a little over a year for United Conveyor Corporation, and graduated from Texas Tech University, December 2010, in good old Lubbock, Tx, with a master's degree in Electrical Engineering. As of 22nd of March 2017... I've earned my PhD of Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California at Davis!  Used to work with the Micro power Circuits and Systems group under Dr. Rajeevan and have collaborated heavily with MEMS group.  Worked as a contractor with a start up located in Berkeley, CA known as Chirp Micro Systems (it was fun and an awesome experience). In summer of 2015 I slowed a bit down and working as a part timer intern at another startup know as Picosinse. That same summer till Dec. 2016 worked on a DARPA NZERO project.  As of the end of 2017, now working at SLAC!!!  Wish me luck, as my journey continues... :D! [MORE]



[1]     NONE SO FAR :)


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[2]   Scott T. Block, Ofer Rozen, Westley Bland, Paul Hurst, David Horsley, Rajeevan Amirtharajah, "Monolithic MEMS Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Rangefinder with Gain Clip-Detect in 180nm CMOS," attempted ISSCC 2016, not accepted [text][figs]

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Other Gatherings:

[1]     Current PhD students in MCSG: From left to right Andrew Chang, Erin Fong, Khadar Shaik, and Scott T. Block @ industrial affiliates day 25th of April 2014

Works in Progress:

[5] ACTIVELY working on. NZERO project.  This a DARPA project where we are basically making a extremely low power trip sensor.  So actually involves some of the low power logic that I first looked into during the start of my PhD.  Don't really have too many cool videos... tones of slides and folders and tapes outs... TI 180nm, InvenSense 180nm, and IBM 130nm... yeah crazy I know...

InvenSense CMOS only wire bonded to a MEMS Mic

  • Helmholtz Resonator demo (no sound... trust me a week of sine sweeps will drive any one mad) [NZERO_Vid0]

[4] Taking a back seat. so a while back I did some work with MEMS ultrasonic transducers.  Since none of my attempts got published I've decided to share all the videos I made during that time... InvenSense 180nm process 

  • Testing Die G with different gain settings, time gain vs. clip detect controlled gain.  I do have other videos, but this one best summarizes every thing in one go.  So enjoy :) [ULTRA_SOUND_Vid]

[3] Currently Revisiting.  Researching, designing, simulating, and building novel MEMS DC-to-DC converters.  Currently experimenting with MEMS relays built at UCBerkeley.  Dr. Alon's group [link] has been very helpful thanks to Matt [link].  I'm hoping to get relays soon from XCOM [link]... fabrication delays... they have been made as can be seen in the images bellow... but need to install AutoCad and pick a package for... 

Also fabricated a thyristor test chip in TI 180nm process in conjunction with my relay work.  

  • 24th of July, 2013 Buck Converter Test with MEMS emulation relays [MEMS_Vid4]
  • 11th of July, 2013 Relaxation Oscillator Test with MEMs emulation relays [MEMS_Vid3]
  • 5th of July, 2013 Short clip of Oxide Break down of MEMS relay [MEMS_Vid2]
  • 26th of June, 2013 Experiment 1 test setup with MEMs emulation relays [MEMS_Vid1]
  • 15th of June, 2013 testing MEMs relays from Berkeley.  1Hz gate activation, better to watch the HD version [MEMS_Vid0]

[2] Currently on the back burner. Looking at the possibility of harvesting energy from electrostatic discharge (ESD) at the printed circuit board, microelectromechanical system, and IC levels.  Designing serval different passive and active possible methods and currently in the setup phase of my test bench for future circuit testing.

  • 21st of Feb, 2013: Messing around with Turboelectric effect [Vid7]
  • 31st of Jan, 2013: Video of Terminal Test w/ and w/o grounding 1 terminal [Vid6]
  • Video of Terminal Test with new Relay 4th of Nov., 2012 [Vid5]
  • Third Terminal Test of ESD discharge device [Vid4]
  • Current setup as of the 8th of Oct., 2012 [Vid3
  • Initial ESD discharge device tests and development [Vid0][Vid1][Vid2]

[1] Indirectly looking back at with NZERO project.  Looking into designing (Ultra-Low Voltage) Sub-Threshold Logic family... (some simulation, learning, and literature review).

Unfinished or Retired projects:  

[2]  No longer being pursued at this time...  Scott T. Block, Yiran Li, Changzhi Li, Semi-configurable temperature sensor using Shottky diode array.  The fabricated chip in IBM 90nm process should be arriving Nov-Dec 2011.  

[1]  No longer being pursued at this time...  Scott T. Block, Yiran Li, Changzhi Li, Semi-configurable temperature sensor using Schottky diode array.  The fabricated chip in AMI 0.5um process has arrived August 2011 (see image below) [pdf].  

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