A very classical bike tour

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June 15th 2014


Heide, gardener, age 55

Iris, age 69, retired and tired bicyclist

A very classic road bike tour throughout Austrias wine country

Review of the bike tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

It seems to be modern today, to organize very classic bike tours...

The "In velo veritas" tour" is one of them.


As it wasn't so far from our place were we life, we decided to go.

A wonderful day and a lot of people with good mood.

This is what Organization said:


Gefahren wird mit klassischen Rennrädern bis Baujahr 1987.

Voraussetzung sind Riemenpedale und Rahmenschaltung. Offen Züge sind erwünscht!

Nicht zugelassen sind Klick-Pedale und Brems-Schalthebel-Kombinationen.

Zu den Rädern passendes Outfit wird geschätzt.


Our Mercian tandem bike has been accepted. Because, there was a sort of dress code: the bike should have classic outfit (shifter on the frame, as in old days, pedals with straps..., etc.)

We participated on the short tour - just easy 70 kilometers

Enjoy the pictures and the report.

Good luck to our followers.


Participants: Heide Grossmann & ....

This is as it looks at the start:

This are some pictures to show the typical classical bicycle:

some like it hot:

Follow your route:

On the way:

Close to the arrival:

Good by Mr. Organizer:

We went home by train: