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Invasive Plant studies

We started our school year with a great study on invasive vs. native plants….this 

grew into many projects and activities in preparation for our trip to the coast. 

Strange Days on Planet Earth Video:

A hotlist of links about invasive plants:




We learned a lot about invasive plants on our trip to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The main plant 

there was called Ice plant.The first thing the counselors had us do, was stand on a patch of Ice

 plant. They told us to each pick a leaf, stick it on our tongue, and sing the alphabet.


After doing this, our tongues were dry.They told us that Ice plant soaks up most of the 

moisture around itself.This is why Ice plant lives near the coast. Soon after we ate lunch, the

 counselors showed us to our cabins.


Later on the trip, we went to "the Point" where we were surrounded by Ice plant. Someone 

started a game to throw Ice plant into the water below. But after a while, someone stopped us.

 We tried to explain to them that the plant was "invasive", but they said it was annoying.


Still, we learned a lot about invasive plants on our trip to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, how it has 

taken over the coastline habitats for other native plants, how the erosion process is still 

happening, and how animals that used to live in the native habitat is no longer there. The Weed 

Warriors is an organization from Monterey that works to remove invasive ice plant. Maybe our 

class can work with them the next time we go to Pigeon Point.

Invasive Infection