Welcome to the Individual Variability in Infancy project
The goal of this project is to nucleate results regarding meaningful individual variation in infant speech perception laboratory tasks (comprehensive for 0 to 1 years, currently extending to 2 years), particularly associations across tasks in infancy, and between infancy and childhood. We welcome volunteers to update this website and coordinate activities.

Profit from the results repository

All results are kept in a single database, available in html, and csv (see the OLD submission form for explanations on SOME OF the fields). Our database currently includes:
  • Association between 2 performance measures drawn from infant laboratory tasks, when the tasks are thought to involve non-identical constructs.
  • Association between 2 performance measures drawn from the same infants tested and retested on the same laboratory task.
  • Association between an infant laboratory task and a non-lab measure (taken at the same time or longitudinally).
  • Comparison between two subgroups of infants on some speech perception lab measure.
Please notice that entries that do not have "yes" in the column all_OK have not yet been checked.

If you use the database, link us. And when you write up or present something, or if have a neat tool to mine the repository, please let us know so we can advertise your work below.

Contribute to the results repository

We welcome all contributions, including null results! Please complete this form. Your entry will be added automatically, but it will not have "yes" in all_OK until one of our team members checks the entry.

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The following work is based on the results repository.