Channel 5 & 96-6
Wauseon, OH

INTV Mission

INTV Channel 5, Community Access Television, endeavors to be the premiere, on-air educational, community access station for Northwest Ohio and one of the best in the State of Ohio.  Through teaching and volunteerism, we will create a community resource grounded in discovery.  INTV Channel 5 serves  diverse communities within the Time-Warner Cable Company viewing area, NW Ohio and the Tri-State area.

INTV History

The idea to begin a public access station in Wauseon, Ohio was conceived in early 1993 when local businessman, Larry Weber, knowing that Wauseon had a great deal of athletic talent and promise in the coming years, thought that it would be wonderful to capture these events on video and broadcast them over the air for the community to watch and enjoy.  However, it wasn’t until the fall of 1995 that enough funds for equipment were raised and INTV made its debut on the air.

Much of the funding for the station was raised through the generosity of local businesses and the Wauseon City Council along with Mayor Jerry Matheny, who welcomed the project and donated the franchise fees the city received from Adelphia Cable to go toward the operation and purchase of equipment.  The City of Wauseon continues today to support the station through the Time-Warner franchise fees.  The Wauseon School Board agreed to provide a location in the high school for the station to operate.  Another vision Mr. Weber had for INTV was to one day start a broadcast journalism program through the school that would enable students to learn the various aspects of television broadcasting and help give them a jump start in their future careers.  This dream was realized when the Broadcast Journalism class was started in 2001. Many people were instrumental in the founding of INTV.  Larry Weber spearheaded the effort and donated all of his time for over 7 years to get the station off the ground.  Dave Armstrong and Justin Grant also worked tirelessly in organizing and taping in those early years. Mel Stickley spent a great deal of time putting together a mobile trailer system to tape football games.  Lonnie Krauss helped with wiring at the football field so we could broadcast the games.  Brian Weber set up the original Community Calendar and studio equipment.  There are many more individuals that contributed in countless ways in the effort to get INTV started.  Without them, it would never have happened!  INTV continues today to provide availability to the airwaves for the citizens of Wauseon along with needed information and entertainment to the city.

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