DVD Purchase

Programs are available for purchase in DVD format.  The cost is $15 unless otherwise noted.  Please choose DOWNLOAD on the attachment below and SAVE the file.  Notice where the file is being saved.  Open the file and fill out the information.  When complete you can print it out and send with the remittance to INTV.

There are multiple ways you can get your order forms to INTV:
-   Mail them to P.O. Box 185, Wauseon OH, 43567.
-   Drop them off at the High School Office.
-   Drop them off at the INTV Drop Box. INTV is located in the WHS high school and     has their own entrance. We are located at the NW side of the building, over by        where the buses park. We are door # 20, the door stays locked for security                reasons. Next to our door is a drop box, please feel free to drop off order forms        and money there. It is always locked and secure.

INTV will notify you when your order is ready (usually within 2 business days). You have a few options for pick up also:
-   Include a $2 shipping fee, and we will mail it to you.
-   Pick your DVD up in the WHS office during school hours.
-   Have a WHS student pick it up for you, either in the INTV room (# 1132), or in            the office. If you prefer this method, please include the name of the student               and they will be called over the PA system when the order is ready.

Season packages for sports are available for football and basketball.  Please contact INTV for season package pricing.

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